I’m not very good at maths.

I still count with my fingers, I don’t know my times tables past 5 and I use the calculator on my iPhone way too often.

If this reminds you of yourself, fear not! Not all of us are going to be gold medal mathletes who can breeze through 4 units of trigonometry.

But the stress that comes with study overload is inevitable. Don’t worry, it happened to me, and it happens to the best of us. An easy way to minimise this is with a healthy balance of subjects.

That’s why I picked up General Maths. And boy was it worth while! Here’s why…

Maths is Objective

There’s no waiting around for your teacher to decide whether she wants to give you an 18/20 or 19/20 for your analysis on why Wuthering Heights is still significant in the 21st century. With Maths, you get the answer right then and there. You can easily fix any mistakes in real-time and progress forward.

Maths is a Continuation of Your Learning

So you’ve been studying maths since you were in Pre-School… that’s about 12 years of maths right? Just like muscle memory, knowing the basics of numbers, equations and formulas will make it easier and faster to learn the content.

It Can Boost Your Marks (Seriously)

General Maths is a subject that most people can easily do well in. There, I said it! Forget what everyone has told you about it being a low-scaling subject — if you’re able to get a Band 6 with lesser input than other subjects, this will boost your mark regardless.

Acts as a Break

In a sea of lengthy Shakespearean essays and long-winding historical analysis’ of WWI, sometimes just busting out the answers is the best way to break up your study.

Real Life Skills

Yes, you do actually learn about taxes, shares, home loan interest and debt. These are pretty good skills to know, if… you know, you want to be an adult some day…

Jobs Require Maths

Finance Intern? Barista? Checkout Check? All three jobs require simple maths. Whether you’re adding up valuations, the temperature of coffee or loose change, being able to do some mental math is priceless (See what I did there ?)

So, if your nearing subject selection time, don’t be hesitant to pick General Maths. If I can do it, you sure can!