Why You Should Keep Playing Sport

I hear a lot of you saying already, “but I’m not good at sport”. Well don’t worry, you don’t have to be*.

Why You Should Keep Playing Sport
Braids before Balls. Always.

So why should you keep Rowing or playing Netball at School when all of your friends have more time to study (or hang out with friends)? Here are my top six** reasons (note: most of these apply to any extracurricular activity i.e. playing an instrument, school drama, debating):

Time Management:

Being busy during years 11 and 12 will make you work and study more efficiently. You will stop procrastinating (i.e. log off Facebook), draw out study schedules (seriously – the best tool) and simply maximise your time.

Skill Development:

Want to work better in teams? Play a sport. Want to develop leadership skills? Play a sport. Want to be more competitive? Play a sport. Want to develop your communication abilities? Play a sport. Okay you get the gist.

Scholarship Applications:

If you do your research***, you will find there are a very diverse array of scholarships that exist – whether this is at University or in some Corporate Firms. Playing some kind of sport is a huge differentiator and a big selling point.


Want to demonstrate your committed, dedicated, a leader, organised or passionate (just to name a few)? Playing a sport is a great way to exemplify this (and talk about it) in a CV and a cover letter. Want to know more about your cover letter and CV – click here


The question is, “when have you demonstrated leadership or met a challenge?” Your answer is, “insert relevant sporting experience”. Flesh out the details (especially if it was a competitive situation), talk about how you handled it – all of this in the context of your sporting experience.

Health and Wellbeing:

Unfortunately the whole ‘studying/working’ thing must be done stationary and most of the times, inside. Sport is the BEST stress reliever and a great way to clear your head. Break up your study with a run, game of sport and switch off your mind from the task you were currently completing – you will come back with a fresh perspective and a whole lot more focus!

*Simply playing sport gives you the ability to improve the traits/skills identified. Plus sport is a great way to stay healthy and meet friends (sorry that was lame I know). BUT If you are good at sport and want to combine it with your schooling/University, read this. I have a little bit of experience in this.

**Why 6 you say? Because I had more than 5 but 10 was too long. No scientific reason.

***Read our snapshot of just some of the diverse array of University Scholarships and Corporate Scholarships out there and some tips on how to apply for them

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