Why changing degrees was the best thing I did

I remember being literally petrified to tell my Mum I’d withdrawn from UNSW after just 5 weeks of class. I remember using the phrase ‘I’m transferring’ to which she replied ‘So, in other words, you dropped out?’

I took the remainder of the semester off and reapplied for mid-semester commencement at Macquarie in a completely new degree. I’d enrolled in a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and was changing to a Bachelor of Commerce. Criminology was, and still is a huge passion of mine but I quickly realized it wasn’t a career I was interested in.

I think the way University and UAC works is out of this world. I remember very vividly being 17 and thinking ‘wow, I’m applying for a degree that will essentially determine the course of my life for at least the next 5-10 years.’

Fast forward to the awkward four or five months between the HSC and first semester of Uni and there I was wondering what on earth I was doing with my life. I was working in customer service at my local Westfield, seeing all the behind the scenes action and how corporate life operated and thought to myself ‘this is what I want to do.’

 A lot of my fear and anxiety that surrounded coming clean to my Mum was that she had pushed for me to enrol into a Bachelor of Commerce all along. I didn’t want her to to look at me and in a disappointed, I told you so kind of way. To my surprise, she was extremely supportive with my decision in the end and I can tell you with great confidence that changing degrees has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Not only do I enjoy my subjects, I am genuinely excited for a career in my field. I’ve made new friends and even had the opportunity to study abroad in the U.S. Looking back, I’m so thankful that I listened to my intuition and did what I thought, and knew, was best for me.

My ultimate advice for anyone who is unsure of of where they’re at or where they’re headed – take a leaf out of my book. Follow your instinct and know that life has a funny way of working out. Don’t be afraid if what you feel isn’t what others want from you. Take ownership of your future and be your own queen!

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