So who is ENID? And why is she telling us to aim high and think big?

We bet you’re thinking ENID just sounds like an old person’s name? Well, we’re sorry to tell you, but you’re not wrong.

Enid Lyons would be very very old if she were alive today. Born in July 1897, Enid was the first woman (EVER!) to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives in 1943 as well as the first woman (EVER!) appointed to the Federal Cabinet in 1949.

Enid is also the great great Aunt of Nina – one of the co-founders of ENID. Pretty cool huh?

In her maiden address to the House of Representatives*, as the first woman to ever address the house, Enid spoke of the “great weight of responsibility” that rested on her shoulders; and how she was to “prejudice or enhance the prospects of those women who may wish to follow”.

This is why ENID is named after Enid Lyons. We are the women who are now following in her footsteps.

Enid paved the way for women to come. She pushed for equality. She put women’s issues on the agenda. She was a passionate Australian who brought females into the dialogue and direction of our country.

Alongside many incredible women, Enid created limitless opportunities for girls like us.

Girls that want to strive; girls that want to dream; and girls that want to be empowered!

ENID pays homage to that.

So girls, ENID might sound like an old person’s name, but we hope that you see it is a lot more than that. And in saying that, surely vintage is cool again?

Oh and p.s. we forgot to tell you that Enid was also the wife of the Prime Minister of Australia, Joseph Lyons (but this isn’t about Joseph now is it….)!

*Which is quite a moving address. Feel free to read the transcript or hear Enid address the house here.