Who is ENID now?

Who are the gals that run this show?
Read on to find out who we are:


Co Founder & ENID in Chief

Introducing… Adriana, 22, Scary Spice, co-founder & ENID in Chief.
At the age of 10… I wanted to be Prime Minister (hey, I aim high!)
At the age of 15… I wanted to be a fashion designer (Victoria Beckham = goals)
At the age of 17… I wanted to be a diplomat (Hillary Clinton = goals),
At the age of 19… I wanted to be a makeup artist turned beauty empire CEO (Bobbi Brown = goals),
At the age of 21… well, I don’t really know what I want to be, but I’ve realised I’m just here to enjoy the ride. Let’s figure it out together, okay?
Fun fact… I studied Makeup Artistry for a year while I was at uni – and I LOVED it! But, somehow, I’ve figured out it’s not the career for me.
Favourite beverage… Espresso martini, always (even though I don’t drink coffee!), English Breakfast tea and Pina Coladas (I even have a Pina Colada rating system!)
Brush with fame… wrote a letter to Delta Goodrem when I was 10, and she replied! (Still have the letter!)
Favourite item of clothing… Activewear, obviously.


Co Founder

Introducing… My name is Nina, I’m 24 years old: born in Hobart, studying Commerce/Law, sunshine addict, coffee lover & activewear queen; co-founder.
At the age of 6… I wanted to be “a ‘looyer’, drive a red Porsche and earn the big bux”.
At the age of 10… I wanted to be a ‘lawyer’ because I really really liked Legally Blonde and really really liked to argue (sorry mum!).
At the age of 14… I wanted to be the Captain of the Australian Hockey Team (yes I play hockey), and pretty much be like Serena Williams level of female athlete fame. My personal brand was going to be insane.
At the of 18… I wanted to be the CEO of something… anything. And I was a little unsure about the whole hockey thing. Enter “what the hell do I want to be when I grow up” phase.
At the age of 22… I no longer want to be a lawyer (after studying law). I no longer want to play professional sport (after realising it wasn’t the world for me).
Now… I want to be the CEO of my own thing. And maybe the Prime Minister someday. Game on 10 year old Adriana – or what about Prime Minister and Deputy? We’ll flip a coin!
Fun Fact… For the last 2 years, I have only worn white nail polish. Sorry not sorry.
Favourite beverage… Classic Margarita – frozen not stirred and fFresh coconut. Yes, i’m that kind of girl. And a little umbrella is always welcome…
Favourite item of clothing… Runners, obviously.

*I always had to dress up as Sporty Spice, when really, I just wanted to be Posh. Still not over it…


Content Director

Introducing… My name is Honey. I was born in Melbourne, raised in Radelaide and made the move to the big smoke (a.k.a. Sydney) fresh out of high school. I love reading, hot boys and cold champagne – among other things.
At the age of 6… I was a Tomboy with an unhealthy obsession with 1080 Snowboarding on Nintendo 64. 
At the age of 14… Serious punk phase. Think: posters of the Ramones on my walls and dreams of being a music festival organiser.
At the of 17… I’d caught the acting bug and moved to Sydney to study at NIDA for three years and become a fabulous movie star.
At the age of 22… I still had the acting bug, but I also had dreams of being Amal Clooney – hello law at Sydney Uni for three years.
Now… I’ve just finished my degree and started a new job in corporate communications. I’ve got no idea where life is heading at this stage, but I’m buckling in for the ride.
Fun Fact… I was an IVF baby.
Favourite beverage… Champagne.  Did I mention that already?
Favourite item of clothing… My black leather jacket

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