The voice of millennials

Have you ever felt that you’re just one voice? Questioned whether that one, single voice of yours, can actually contribute to change? Well, at ENID we’re here to tell you that it can.

But first, let’s… No, not take a selfie.* Let’s put this in context.

In keeping with the Kanye/Kim theme -what a selfie! #hilary(andnotkanye)forpresident

There are some working environments where you will work long hours, abide by a hierarchical institutional culture and at times, face an inherently male dominated environment. While there is no doubt that you will be learning a hell of a lot in these workplaces and ultimately these opportunities can be utilised as career platforms (a couple of years here and you can do anything), these work environments are not for everyone. For some, all these jobs can result in is a feeling of disenchantment and a very whacked sleep pattern.

So, the question we face as millennials is; do we want to enter these environments? Do we want to grind out years of lack of sleep and menial tasks in exchange for a shot at millions and ultimately a very nice retirement….

Personally (and please remember, this is personally), we at ENID think not. And we think millennials have the voice(s) to change this.

As we move into the workplace we can demand more. We can look for more. If flexible working policies are important to you (like they are to us at ENID), then go to a firm that has outlined their focus on them. If gender pay equality is important to you (like it is to us at ENID), then go to a firm that has taken part in gender pay reporting. If having female leaders in the firm is important to you (like it very much is to us at ENID), then go to a firm that has senior female leaders or has set targets or quotas.

Now we are not saying that you storm into your next interview with a list of demands (actually that’s not a great idea – check out our real interview tips here). We are saying that the firms want the best talent – if they want the best talent then they must start to answer to the voice of millennials. Maths (and salaries) aren’t the only thing that matters – millennials want firms that value them as people, and not just workers.

So the next time you start researching firms to apply to a grad job or internship (check out our step by step guide here), consider the workplace policies you value.

Because we, as a collective of millennial ENID’s, have the power to make firms reconsider their internal management structures, policies and ultimate culture.

If young people continue to be more confident about expressing their desire to change the world for the better, firms and industries have to react. You can influence change. It might not be tomorrow, or next week, or next year, but it will happen. If firms want to attract and retain the most talented people – they must ultimately listen to the voice of millennials.

*Lame song reference. #sorrynotsorry

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