The balancing Act: nursing Student and elite athlete (hockey)

Aiming for the World Cup or the Olympics? Or simply want to know what it takes to pursue sport at an elite level? 

Let us introduce you to Greta, a Nursing Student and member of the Australian U/21 hockey team. Let us know whose story you would like to read about and ASK ENID. 

Hey Gal! This is me…. My name is Greta Hayes, I am 19 years old and am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at Sydney University. I was born and bred in Sydney, NSW, and am still living at home.

My deal is… I play hockey for Sydney Uni (club), NSW, and the Jillaroos (national junior team). I started playing hockey at the age of 10, and was serious about soccer (whilst enjoying nearly all sports) during my younger years.

And she makes it look easy! #girlcrush

Where my sport has taken me so far… I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel with hockey; I have been to Argentina twice, NZ once, and England once. As well as overseas, I love travelling to different states for nationals each year – we are so blessed to live in such an amazing country!! However, what is more valuable to me than the travel is the friendships I have made over the years and all the memories with them that I was treasure forever.

The challenges are… It is always challenging juggling sport/uni/work commitments, especially because I love doing everything to the very best of my ability. My family play a really important role in supporting me with everything, so I am very lucky!!

A little bit more about me… As well as hockey and nursing, I have a love for history and music (I played piano and saxophone all the way until uni). I enjoy meditating, yoga and pilates, and often go to sleep listening to rain on an app I have!

So, what’s next… I’m hoping to finish my degree within the next couple of years. I have my eyes on the Junior World Cup at the end of this year (in Chile) and hopefully can progress into the senior program after that!

My advice to anyone pursuing a pathway like mine…No matter what you choose to do, you must have fun doing it… there is no point pursuing something you don’t enjoy! Playing at a high level, I often have to remind myself why I play and think positively about how much I love hockey instead of worrying about selections!

P.s. Something you should all know about me…. No matter how much I love travelling and exploring, I am such a home body, and miss my family so much when I’m away! Don’t think i’ll ever be moving out of home… (sorry mum)!

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