Study tips for struggling students

study tips

Whether you’re in high school or some form of tertiary education, it can always be difficult to be motivated to study or find ways to study effectively. If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to procrastinate from time to time (especially if the work is just not interesting), or maybe your method of studying just doesn’t seem to work as well as it should.

Well, if either of those things is the case, then here are some helpful tips and links to ensure you are making the most of your time.

  1. Use collaborative applications and websites.

Google Apps, Asana, Trello etc. and various other sites and applications are excellent ways to copy down notes and communicate with friends and classmates. It especially comes in handy if you’re struggling to understand a concept brought up in a lecture, as someone else that understands it can respond immediately to your queries. It’s even better to use these for group projects due to their collaborative nature.

  1. Learn from online classes in your free time.

By this, I mean websites like Khan Academy, Coursera, Highbrow, Duolingo, Crash Course, Wolfram Alpha and so on. These websites teach you many different topics ranging from Mathematics and Chemistry to Languages and Business. Only some of them require an account but they’re all fun and free! Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

  1. Stop caring about your notes looking pretty.

I know many of us love to have our notes from readings all beautifully highlight with fancy calligraphy, like an image from weheartit or tumblr. But the fact is that it’s not practical, especially when we’re too absorbed in making our notes look pretty and not focusing on what we’re learning. Aesthetically pleasing notes are only effective for a small portion of student. As long as it’s legible, that’s all that should matter so stop investing in colourful gel pens, highlighters, and notebooks with pretty covers on them.

  1. Sleep and eat properly.

This is for the people that have a tendency to sleep late at night and wake up early as well as students that skip breakfast. Stop! Doing! That! You need breakfast and a proper amount of sleep in order to function and have your brain working properly. Not only can’t you learn if you’re not fully functional, but you’re also being incredibly unhealthy and unfair to your body.

  1. Focus on studying the areas which you struggle with.

While it is important to revise over all your notes and make sure you’ve learnt as much as you can from every section, it’s more effective to focus on areas that you tend to trip up on. If you’re confident with everything else, you can afford to cut down time looking over those sections.

And that’s it! As long as you implement these tips and stay healthy, studying effectively should only get easier from here.

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