Welcome to your ENID resources: editable PDF downloads that you can personalise and use to help you on your career / life / study journey. We’ve created these to share with you everything we wish we knew – these templates are all based on what we actually use to plan our life, study and career (yes, that is the template of our CV!).

ENID resources can be downloaded and edited to suit your lifestyle and needs, you can save them as your computer or phone wallpaper or keep them in a folder on your computer.

Click on the images below to download the worksheet. We like to print them and stick them on our wall as a daily reminder. Snap a pic of your completed resource and share it with us on instagram or snapchat (@ENIDNetwork).

Peek at the real ENID’s CV. Trust us, this template works. Use this example as the starting point for your CV.

Struggling to write a cover letter? These are our 3 simple steps to sell yourself (in the least sales-y way possible).








Discover the traits and skills you’ve learnt through extra curriculars, and learn to use them in an interview or an application.

Feeling average? Perk yourself up with your own self motivator – those little reminders that help to keep you motivated!








The best way to achieve a goal is to track it. We use this to document, track and visualise your goals.

The simplest way to craft the best answers to ace your next job interview – nail any question that comes your way.









Never forget your future or current power squad – they’ll help you out (now and in the future).

Inspire yourself with amazing role models, discover why you think they’re boss, and use their stories and traits to inspire you.