Not a Girl. Not Yet a Woman.

I know you’re thinking, “you’re kidding right?” You’ve just used a Britney Spears title for ENID? A site designed to empower, inspire, motivate, educate and inform gals of the world? And you chose Britney…..?

Well yes I did (and I will defend it to my death). Firstly because B. Spears is an absolute legend and idol of my youth (seriously watch Crossroads for a little flashback of ‘old school Britney’ and how damn brilliant she was). Secondly because actually hearing the title of this song really struck a chord with me/freaked me the hell out.

And I must admit that yes I was watching Crossroads on a Saturday night with some gal pals. And yes there was pizza, ice cream and a velour tracksuit* involved. And yes I was feeling vulnerable and really needed some gal time. And yes B.Spears, my gal friends and some ice cream made me feel a whole lot better.

FYI: this is the cover you’re looking for. You can thank ENID later…

But the point is, Britney was on to something:


Rumour has it that being in your final year of University, you are no longer a girl (aka child). Rumour has it, I am supposed to be a woman (aka adult). Which means I should know how to use an iron, register my own car, set up direct debit on my bills and get my own health insurance. It means I should no longer crave some ‘Mother/Daughter’ time when I am feeling down.** It means I should feel like my life is in order and have money saved.

But the fact is I swear I am just a giant child faking it in the adult world.

Pretending I know how to dress like a corporate woman, start a company,*** attend networking events, have ‘important’ meetings and talk about “my next steps” when people ask where my life is heading.

And what’s truly scary about all of this; I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. I don’t see myself turning 24 next year and feeling a little more adult like. Not wanting to put my hair in a high pony tail and jump on a trampoline (honestly I think that will be fun forever).

So maybe Britney was right (which isn’t surprising because she is B.Spears…!!), at this age, we are a little in between. We consider ourselves a “woman” when we head to job interviews, attend events and give presentations. And then we consider ourselves a “girl” when we want to crawl into bed with our hair in pigtails and call our mum to vent about relationship problems.

And maybe we are going to be a little bit in between forever. If that means I get be a CEO while also absolutely loving jumping on a trampoline, then I am 100% okay with that. Personally, I kind of like the sound of that.

So, in true ENID style, I’m just going to stick with “gal.” Who needs labels anyway?!

*You may ask who still owns a velour tracksuit…? Answer: a beautiful, intelligent, kind, entertaining and savvy friend of mine. Who, when she wears it, looks a little like the mum off Mean Girls 😉

**However I don’t think this is going to change. Sorry mum, you’re stuck with me.


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