My Story: Rio Olympian and Visual Communications Student

Aiming for the World Cup or the Olympics? Or simply want to know what it takes to pursue sport at an elite level? 

Let us introduce you to Isobel, a University Visual Communications Student, member of the Australian Water Polo team (Aussie Stingers), and 2016 Rio Olympian. Let us know whose story you would like to read about and ASK ENID. 

Hey Gal! This is me…. Hey hey, I’m Iso, 24, studying a bachelor of Visual Communications at UTS. I was born in Adelaide, but I have lived in Sydney since 2014.

My deal is… I play water polo, I have moved around Sydney a lot in the last few years. I’m lucky enough to have my friend and teammate Hannah and her family; The Buckling’s take me in while we have been travelling a lot with the Australian Water Polo team prior to the Rio Olympics.

How I got here… I started playing water polo at around 14, but not properly until I was 16 as I was rowing as well. I played state for SA until I made my first junior Australian squad at 16. I played a lot of sports growing up, including lacrosse, netball, swimming, rowing, softball, tennis and soccer. I found a love for the team sports and in particular water polo. 

My day looks like…. An average day of training would include training 5-7.30am then uni all day or I would go to work 9-4pm then we would train again in the afternoon, either swimming or a polo session.

Where my sport has taken me so far… I have been all around the world with water polo: Russia, Greece, China, USA, Italy, New Zealand to name a few. I have met the most amazing people and I have been provided with more learning experiences than I could have ever imagined.  

What I love about it…. I love playing with my friends, the competition, drive, fun and excitement of winning. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world, while sometimes only getting to see a pool it has always been worth it. You make amazing connections with people in fields you might never meet without sport, these connections can help you in your life after sport.

Cheer Iso on at the Olympics!

The challenges are… Leaving my family and moving to Sydney was a major sacrifice. I have also put off uni many times, but every sacrifice is worth it. 

What I pursue alongside my sport… A bachelor of Visual Communications at UTS.

The balance is… Keeping balance can be easy or difficult depending on the time in the cycle and how much time we have at home. I just have to be super organised in order to keep up with my family, friends, uni and part time work. Prioritising is also important, know what needs to get done and when!

 My greatest achievement is… Being selected in the 2016 Rio Olympic Team (hopefully we will come away with a gold medal)!

The toughest setback i’ve had… I wasn’t selected for the World Champs in 2015 so I had to make my way back into the team quickly to make the Olympics which wasn’t easy to do. But it really helped me to refocus and find my internal motivation and self belief.

So, what’s next…  I will have to finish my study then start working! Lots to do, but it’s all very exciting to start focusing on the parts of your life you have put on hold for a little bit.

My advice to anyone pursuing a pathway like mine…. My advice is also maintain life balance; try and keep studying or working so that you always have something to fall back on and help keep you sane!

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