Why you should keep playing team sport

why you should keep playing team sport

So most of us have horror memories of being dragged out of bed (usually by supposedly well-meaning parents), before anyone should be functioning, to head to training for whatever form of team sport (or torture) we had selected for that term.

So why, in the freedom of choice world of uni or full time work would I choose to continue this sometimes painful pastime, which let’s be honest, was so much easier when someone else organised the logistics for you.

As someone who now seems to have made her workplace her second home – I can say that team sport is seriously one of the highlights of my week. I think the positives of team sport come down to a few things:

1. Exercise is good for you

Thanks captain obvious, we really needed that piece of information. Yes I realise it is obvious but as a young, full time working professional, who spends a lot of her time in the office, sitting on a computer or sitting in meetings – I never feel like I get enough time to do quality exercise. As a stress reliever and mind clearer, I don’t think there is anything better.

2. Sometimes it is easier to commit when others are relying on you

We would all love to have amazing willpower 100% of the time, but even the best of us have our off days. If you have friends relying on you to turn up for a practice or a game – you are much less likely to flake. If it has been a long week, sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is turning up to training – but I always have a great time once I’m there.

3. Having non-negotiable time in your diary makes all the difference

In this modern age of longer work days and being contactable 24/7, having time booked into your diary that is yours and yours alone is so important. My team commitments are set in my diary – I know what time I have to leave work to get there – and unless I have a tonne of notice, all my colleagues know I’m out for that evening. It is easy to get caught up in pleasing everyone, and dropping everything for your boss (everyone wants to be in the good books) but time for yourself is just as essential.

4. Getting to hang out with awesome people (and not just drinking or brunching)

When I moved interstate, it was hard to make new friends outside of work. I signed up for a new club, and next thing I know, I am meeting fantastic people, some who are now my really close friends, and get to play a sport I love. Even social sport at work can be great – meeting new people across the company or as a team building exercise.
As someone who has played tennis, netball, AFL 9s and soccer over the last couple of years – there is nothing more I would recommend. Team sport is social, healthy competition, great exercise and a regular commitment.

So get off your computer/phone (except to google the sport of your choice), find a club/team for you and get involved!

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