At ENID we’re all about making goals, creating slogans (#dailyadri) and reflecting on our 3 year running resolutions that just haven’t seemed to stick.

We’re also about #makingthemhappen. Because we all love that sense of satisfaction you get from ticking something off your to-do list, sharing it with your friends or simply feeling really proud of yourself.

This is how we’re sticking to our goals in 2017 and actually making our goals happen:

1. Remind Yourself

Whether it’s making your goal or mantra your iPhone background or sticking sticky notes on every surface of your bedroom, bathroom or pinboard, make sure your goal is visual. #seeitbelieveitachieveit

Unlike Queen Adri (see pretty pic below) I personally cannot change my iPhone background from the Spice Girls – it’s just not possible. #spice4life


I actually love her / wish I was as talented as her!

However I love sticky notes – I love the colours, the ease, the childlike nature of sticking them everywhere. If the thought of having sticky notes everywhere scares you, buy yourself a pinboard – that way you can colour coordinate it as well as add pictures and all the other #inspo things out there

2. Hold yourself accountable

If your goal is to learn a language, start yoga or read the news every day, tell your friend. Tell a family member. Tell your dog. Tell someone (or something) that will hold you accountable (so that might not be your dog).

Get your friends/family involved in your goal – maybe they can practice Spanish with you or come to that new yoga studio or ask you to update them on the world news – friends/family like to help you and plus it makes it more fun

3. Have fun with it

Or why don’t you simply make your goals a fun little adventure. Set yourself 12 goals and put them all in separate envelopes and pick one out randomly at the start of each month. January: learn to sew. February: walk every day. March: write a journal. (You get the gist).

Maybe by the end of the month you love that goal so much that it becomes a habit and it sticks with you. What a win!

ENIDs, you’ll never know what works for you until you try: 

Ready, set, GO.