Most of us love to sleep, but more than enough of us complain that we either don’t have a good enough sleep or don’t get enough sleep every night.

These are some of the things I like to do when I am either tossing and turning or not sleeping enough.

1. Put your phone down

When you are going to bed, go to bed, don’t plan on going to bed to scroll through Facebook or Instagram for the next hour, go to bed to actually sleep. Leave your phone outside your bedroom on a table, nowhere near your bed so you aren’t tempted to roll over and check it again. If you put your phone down 30 to 40 minutes before you intend to sleep, you will most likely get a better night’s sleep.

2. Read

This might sound silly, but reading in bed before going to sleep is an excellent way to relax your mind and reset your senses. By reading, even as little as 5 minutes when tucked into bed can result into a better sleep and getting to sleep a little faster. I personally read for about 30 to 40 minutes when I go to bed every night as it makes me go to sleep faster.

3. Take a warm bath/shower

If you are finding it hard to settle late at night, a warm bath or shower might do the trick. Not boiling hot (it could completely wake you up!), but a warm soothing bath/shower could be all your body needs to trick it into sleeping.

4. Warm milk

Now this trick may or may not help you get to sleep (it doesn’t for me) but you won’t know unless you try it. Warm up a cup of milk, in a saucepan or in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy the soothing feeling of it as it calms your body and senses. I wouldn’t try adding chocolate to the milk as the sugar might just wake you up.

5. Go to bed at the same time

Whether you have trouble getting up without an alarm or need to feel refreshed when you do wake up in the morning, you might like to try going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning. Create yourself a bedtime routine. Something simple as – phone down at 9:30pm, into bed at 10pm, read for however long needed, wake up at time needed. Within a week or two of trying to go to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time, and see that you won’t need an alarm any more.

6. New bed linen

If worse comes to worse, I like to blame my old sheets and pillows, but you never know if it is an old pillow causing trouble, so go out and buy new pillows and bed linen and spoil yourself. If you like your bed and find it comfortable, then it might just trick your brain into loving it enough to sleep in it properly.

They are just some of my tips and tricks to get you to sleep and have a better sleep. I use some of these tricks when I can’t get to sleep. Personally, reading and going to bed at the same time every night does the trick for me. For you though, it might not, so have a go at a few of these tips and see what works for you. Maybe it’s new pillows, having a warm shower or glass of milk or a combination of a few of them.

Sleep is important. Getting enough of it and a good night’s sleep can be the difference between having a good day and a dreadful day and no one likes having a bad day. So, do what you have to do to have a good night’s sleep.