How do I push through burn out?

I burn out easily. Too many nights out, too many assignments, too much socialising, too much volunteering – they all burn me out. Once I do burnout, I find it really hard to push through my daily tasks – a lot of sleep and a lot of alone time is needed to bounce back on track. These are some of my methods to push through a burn out and end up recharged!

1. Make time for rest!

Make sure you get your 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Dim the lights early. Light up a luxurious scented candle. Turn your phone off. Just get to bed on time. During the day, take breaks. Sit and relax. It can be hard to push yourself if you are burned out. If you are in a place to nap – nap during the afternoon. They really rejuvenate you. Spend some time meditating – either in the morning or the night. This is a great mechanism to clear your mind and remind yourself to remain in the present.

2. Talk about it!

Talk to someone about your burn out. Talking really helps release the stress and tension inside you. I usually call my mom and talk to her. Once I do this, it feels like the shackles have been lifted off my shoulders. Talking to someone that cares about you makes you feel safe and secure. I believe talking is the best form of release.

3. Take a mini holiday

I remember burning out during an intense semester at university. I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t sleep deeply. My body felt simultaneously tired and anxious. During the mid-semester break, I ran off to a Buddhist monastery tucked deep in the Scottish hills. The rivers, lush vegetation and mist changed my mood. Leaving the place that caused my stress and gaining some perspective really helped. If there is no time for a mini holiday, take a day trip. Go to the beach. Go on a hike. Sit by a river and sketch. These all help!

4. Repetition

Burn out results in a tired mind. Simple tasks like making your bed, cleaning your kitchen, clearing the leaves off your porch or ironing your clothes should all be repeated daily. An activity done properly and consistently really helps you out. A sense of stability is reinstated in your life. Also, chores are looked after and the mind is free to relax.

5. Exercise

Exercise is so important during a burnout. I feel the best is to stick to an easy and enjoyable exercise routine that is done consistently. This can be as easy as running around your neighbourhood every morning. Or, skipping for 10 minutes every day. It also can be as simple as kicking a ball in your backyard for half an hour. Exercise and consistency really make a difference in your energy levels.

6. Pick up an interesting but easy hobby

I love a hands-on hobby like knitting or pottery. Firstly, you easily get lost in it. Secondly, you manage to stay productive though you are burned out. Another hobby I love is fermentation – sauerkraut, kombucha and jun are all easy to master. There are also tons of great resources online that give several instructions on fermentation. It also requires a lot of sensory involvement – sight, smell and taste are all crucial in the making of fermented foods. Making bread is also another brilliant hobby. It’s easy, cheap and really tasty. There is nothing like freshly baked bread. These hobbies are all safe spaces to fail. People get burned out because they are under a lot of pressure to be successful. Hobbies are great to enjoy yourself and keep active.

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