Get shit done: Adri’s no nonsense guide to taking action

For those gal’s that I’ve spoken to at school’s presentations, you will know that I am the gal that “get’s shit done”, or, my strength is my ability to take action. How do I do it?

It’s taken me a little while to get here, and here are my secrets to actually be the gal that takes #ACTION.

get shit done
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  1. Write lists. Use a notebook to write all your to-do’s, and cross them off as you go. Keep it centralised in one single place. I write lists for everything – even what I plan to do on the weekend. I don’t have a scientific or super high tech method – for me, it’s just a combo of the iphone notes app + my notebook.
  2. Use post-it reminders. Post it’s are everywhere in my house. I tend to stick them on the computer. These are useful for big ticket reminders such as (but not limited to) what you want to achieve this semester at uni, or why you want to achieve it. Personal mantras are also very useful here.
  3. Rest frequently. This may sound odd, but I take frequent ‘rest’ breaks throughout the day where I will switch tasks / have a cup of tea / have a glass of water. During this time I might post to Instagram, I might check my emails. I find working in 30 minute blocks, with a 10 minute break between, works well and helps me to retain focus and not get bored.
  4. Eat well & exercise. I would not be able to function at the pace I do without eating well and exercising. Exercising is proven to positively impact your mood, give you energy, and all round make you feel like a better person (smug, much?). I don’t drink coffee, so I need all the help I can get – exercising first thing in the morning gives me the much needed pep up I need to be able to LITERALLY tackle anything that comes my way.
  5. Do it, NOW. Confession, I’ve never pulled an all nighter studying (in 4 years of university). I don’t see the purpose. I’m the kind of person that will procrastinate with something else that I need to do, for example, if I don’t want to start an assignment, I’ll just listen to the lecture. Productive procrastination seriously helps you to get shit done, as you’re always doing something (even if it’s something more passive like listening to a lecture). Alternatively, I’ll just start. I don’t have any further advice other than to channel your inner Nike and just do it.
  6. Listen to classical music. This seriously helps me, especially when studying. Research has proven that classical music helps you to retain information (I’m sure there’s a study out there.. just believe me on that one). It’s definitely true, because classical music puts me in the ‘intense work zone.’ Spotify’s Classical Essentials playlist is good.
  7. Just do 5 minutes. If you don’t want to do it. Just do 5 minutes. It’s at least 5 minutes more than you had previously done.
  8. Reward yourself. I usually like to reward myself with online shopping (or at least perusing online shopping sites) or watching the Kardashians. Rewards can include: yummy food, activities with friends, watching a youtube video.
  9. Change up your location. Library, café, friend’s house. New locations can be super motivating.
  10. Don’t work in your ‘down’ period. I know I am SUPER productive in the morning from about 7am – 2pm, then I’m SUPER productive from about 5pm – 9pm. I try and do all my ‘thinking’ work in those times, then I don’t mind as much if I’m less productive in my down period – that’s when I will do other work / mindless activities, or I’ll exercise. Figure out what works for you, and stick to it.
  11. Done is better than perfect. Trust me, it’s better that you finish something to an acceptable standard, then polish it / make it better later (if you have time).

Try these out, and tell me how you go!

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