Gal Crush of the Week: Stephanie

Stephanie Oldano

Hey gal, this is me…. Stephanie Oldano! I am 21 years old and will be a senior at the University of Delaware in America starting in August. I am currently doing an internship in Sydney, Australia during my summer break.

If I were to describe myself in three words… passionate, organized, sarcastic

I always blow my pay-check on… my addiction of new office pens/planner equipment and travelling (even if it is only one hour away).

I’m Currently… a student at the University of Delaware doing an internship with Bendalls Group, working with their new network: The Female Social Network (TFSN). Check them out here (! Back at the University of Delaware, I am a Student Engagement Leader, helping students find a connection on campus and encouraging them pursue their goals. I also put on programs around campus to help engage students to foster a sense of community. I am also involved in A LOT of other clubs and organizations (I never like to have a free space in my planner)!

I got into it because… I always hop on every opportunity that comes my way—that opportunity may never cross my path again. This mindset and attitude has changed the way I tackle each and every day and has helped me accomplish so much in my life already.

What I love about it… is getting the opportunity to meet new people and being engaged in a new community. It is so interesting to hear how other people became involved in something that they are passionate about and dedicate their whole life to it. It also gives me excuses to catch up with people at my favourite coffee shops.

What I don’t love about it … is the fact I always overwhelm myself. At University, I barely have time to sleep or study, never mind hanging out with friends. In the end, all the stress and work is definitely worth it.

Stephanie Oldano
Stephanie on campus (literally living our American college dreams)

What I’ve learned from the experience… is to believe in myself. More often than not, I always assume that there is someone else out there who is more qualified for any position or activity that I am trying to pursue. This attitude began to hinder my performances and limited my future possibilities and accomplishments. The more I started to believe that I could achieve something, the more I realized that I actually can.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. keep yourself organized! When being a busy college student, there’s always classes, meetings, clubs, etc. that you have to keep track of. Things will always pop up and it’s best to keep everything in a centralized location. As much as I love technology, I cannot stand Google Calendars. I have my main planner that I carry EVERYWHERE with me. I keep a large calendar in my room with the same information to make sure I will never miss a thing!

I’m passionate about… giving a voice to those in need. I have spent my last three spring breaks travelling around the United States, working for non-profit organizations and helping those in need. Each week long trip has impacted me in ways I could not believe and I hope to inspire others to go on the same journey.

Most people don’t know this about me, but …. I was on geese patrol in the 5th grade. I had a large stick and chased the geese off of the soccer field every morning—rain, snow, sleet or shine. I wish I was joking but it made me the coolest 5th grader out there.

P.s in 5 years’ time I’ll be…. sitting on my rooftop apartment, sipping on a margarita, looking over NYC while working for a successful company (most likely sitting on my parents’ couch, sipping on instant coffee, commuting to an intro level job to pay off my thousands of dollars of debt but one can dream, right?).

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