Gal Crush of the Week: Meg


Hey gal, this is me…. I’m Meg, a civil engineer from Melbourne, living and working in Sydney. I love keeping active, reading everything and exploring new places (including new restaurants – that counts, right?)

If I were to describe myself in three words… This is tough… I like to think of myself as kind, passionate, and determined.

I always blow my pay-check on… books and coffee (flat whites, long blacks and iced lattes. It’s an obsession.)

I’m Currently… I’m a civil engineer, part of a consulting team who design major transport infrastructure projects.

Some days I am on my feet all day, talking to different people to coordinate a project. Other days I’m using technical skills to deliver a design, whether that’s figuring out how to alleviate flood impacts or how to fit new electricity into a road corridor. My job is about improving our built environment. It excites me every day.

I got into it because… my mum designs houses and my dad is a physics and maths teacher, so it goes without saying I grew up with a love of maths, science and logic. Engineering was a natural career choice.

What I love about it… Solving a seemingly impossible problem gives me job satisfaction, but day-to-day I work with amazing people across my industry. Seeing my projects come to life when they are built is also pretty great!

What I don’t love about it … The mundane, time-consuming tasks. Every job has those though, and it makes you appreciate the good stuff when it comes around.

What I’ve learned from the experience… I’m still learning. Every day, I learn something new, and I think I will continue to learn new things every single day for my entire career. The idea of that is exciting in itself!

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. Don’t let it scare you that someone’s first comment might be “oh, that’s a male dominated industry”. It’s true that it’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible. Be true to yourself, work hard, do everything with a smile and you’ll go places.

I’m passionate about… Creating a world that has equal opportunities for everyone. I’m trying to do my part by focusing on motivating and empowering girls and women to strive to do whatever they want. I started a blog, called Her Bold Universe, because I want to ignite conversations about how we can crack through the glass ceiling. Navigating our careers while trying to have a balanced, healthy life can seem quite daunting, so I’m aiming to open up about my own experiences to help others. The blog is basically a conversation – but one that I think we really need to keep on having.

Most people don’t know this about me, but …. I am a massive classical music nerd. My dream is to play Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu on the piano.

P.s In 5 years time I’ll be…. Working in Tokyo! It’s a dream but hey… there’s no reason it won’t come true.

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