Gal Crush of the Week: Kirsten

Kirsten Milenko

Hey gal, this is me… Kirsten Milenko, 24 years old, living/studying in Copenhagen; Freelance Composer & Writer.

If I were to describe myself in three words… Dreamer, Bookworm, Teacup-Appreciator

I always blow my pay-check on… I really enjoy investing in experiences – whether this be travel to a new location, seeing a great performance or sharing hyggeligt times with close friends. These things are all important and sustain inspiration. Also… I can’t resist a good book! (or cake/coffee).

I’m currently… living in Copenhagen to study. The changes in climate and culture offer a great opportunity to work from a new perspective. Moving my entire life to the opposite end of the world is something I immensely underestimated but certainly an experience that is worthwhile. Before flying out of Sydney I committed to recording and editing right up until the
last possible moment. These pieces are now in production and working this way has created a really nice bridge between Sydney and Copenhagen.

I got into it because… On the topic of production, I really enjoy getting to know sounds from different angles. It becomes possible to sculpt a piece of music into inflections exactly like
those I imagine, while also discovering new sounds in the process. On Copenhagen… culturally it’s a big step away from Sydney and the change in life, work, and everything else is
really exciting to discover.

What I love about it… Meeting new people and collaborating with artists from all kinds of different backgrounds. I feel really blessed to be working here amongst such wonderful

Kirsten Milenko
Kirsten – talented with words & music!

What I don’t love about it… The cake in Denmark is too good… it’s a little bit distracting when I catch myself fantasising about cinnamon buns while cycling home.

What I’ve learned from the experience… Enjoy the present. When the sun shines – go outside and soak it up! There’s no use sitting inside waiting to be ‘ready’ for moments that can
be really beautiful. Sometimes it’s better to be spontaneous and integrate this into a good / sustainable work flow.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is… This sounds cliché, but it’s a sentiment that I find really important to remember… The best things are worth working really hard for. Also, there is no such thing as luck, only hard work. Yes, there can be lucky situations, opportunities that arise, etc. but it’s working consistently that makes it possible to follow through on these ‘lucky’ breaks.

I’m passionate about… Education. I have a strong belief that each person on this planet creates the present we all live in. I think that it’s easy to fall into past habits and beliefs,
personally or in society more broadly, and with the world of information at our fingertips we really all have the opportunity to educate ourselves as broadly as possible to live in the present  and really do something productive. It’s through education that gender equality, social welfare gaps, environmental knowledge and so much more can be understood, spoken about and
acted upon.

Most people don’t know this about me, but… I really enjoy hiking… but cannot deal with leeches. I will plan where / when I go to avoid these little critters. Also, completely unrelated I write poetry all the time… people think I’m texting but I’m writing poetry which often grows into something else later on. It just sort of happens and it’s actually quite fun going back through old books or notes to see what was on my mind at the time.

P.s In 5 years time I’ll be… Working on pieces with interesting people and hopefully living back in Copenhagen! Also, I’ll know where all the best cake stores are.

You can follow Kirsten on instagram here

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