Gal Crush of the Week: Emma Studies

Hey gal, this is me…. Emma, from EmmaStudies! I’m a 20 year old, university student doing a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Digital and Social Media. I run a blog called dedicated to education, learning and empowering students! I also run an Etsy shop which sells printables to help improve the organisation and productivity of anyone in need of a little help!

If I were to describe myself in three words… Three words are always so difficult! I’d maybe say empathetic, funny and (appropriately) sarcastic.

I always blow my pay-check on… Nothing – I’m a huge saver haha! I talk myself out of almost every purchase, but I did just buy a new camera.

Recently OR I’m Currently… I’m currently trying to finish up my university work for this term whilst organising and setting up a YouTube channel.

I got into blogging because… I was looking for motivation during my exam period. I was using Tumblr for a fashion blog at the time and felt it might be able to provide a bit of study inspiration. After some searching, I came across the ‘studyblr’ community and eventually started my own blog! I had never thought of using a website such as Tumblr for a positive tool to help my studies.

What I love about it… Is the community which has been built around students being positive and excited about their education. It is amazing to connect with people who experience the same things you do. I love knowing that the effort I put in can be appreciated by students of all ages and from all over the world.

What I don’t love about it [blogging]… Is how tricky it can be to balance blogging with my actual studies! I have to try really hard to make sure I’m prioritising the right tasks and not spending all my time online. Sometimes I forget I’m still a student and can’t just spend hours at a time making posts, answering questions and all those things.

Emma Studies
Study goals

What I’ve learned from the experience… Is how to do a range of things I’d never had perused otherwise or even thought I could do. Through blogging, I’ve had to teach myself lots of skills such as using design and editing programs, web design and coding. I’ve definitely learnt that you can really do anything if you set your mind and heart on it.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is… Find your passion and give it a go! If blogging and social media is something you’re intrigued by, be experimental and test things out. There are many examples of young people forging their own path by pursuing something they love.

I’m passionate about… Enabling students to do their best! I think everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and having a blog that gives students advice and tips on how to improve is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I also love seeing more girls and women getting involved in STEM subjects and wanting to enter that field in later life. It is something I’ve come to have a strong interest in and want to be able to promote using my platform.

Most people don’t know this about me, but… I’m a super fussy eater! I’ve grown up with so many food aversions that it is just ingrained into my personality. Some of my friends think my habits are really odd but it is something I’m slowly trying to change…emphasis on the slowly :’-)

P.s In 5 years time I’ll be… Still blogging, despite hopefully having graduated by then! I hope my blog will be even better at helping students and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. It would also be pretty fantastic to be dating Tom Holland, a girl can dream, right?

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