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emilie cocquerel

Hey gal, this is me…. Emilie Cocquerel, but my friends call me Lil. I am a 25 year old French/Australian actor, playing a Kung Fu water-god on a new Netflix show called “The Legend of Monkey”. I’m also studying psychology and spend most of my time living in London, Sydney and LA.

If I were to describe myself in three words… I’d write 50, make a shortlist of 10 and then have an existential crisis before devouring a Nutella bagel. But maybe dreamer, resilient and hungry.

I always blow my pay-check on… I mean.. food. Always. I’m currently thinking of my next meal whilst downing a burrito. But also travel. I just did Auckland, Sydney, London, and St Tropez in 8 days and I tend to live in a whatever country hires me or feeds me emotionally.

Recently OR I’m Currently… on a comedown after wrapping on ‘Monkey’. I’m in St Tropez for a wedding with the French side of my family but my body’s finally had enough of 4am starts, boot-camp and travel. So I’m learning to multi-task being sick whilst drinking Champagne cause these Frenchies know how to party!

I got into it (acting) because… I was really unhappy when I told myself acting was too hard and I should do something ‘less scary’. Turns out chasing your dream is scary, but not as scary as living your whole life without ever trying. So I went for it.

emilie cocquerel
Talented, clever, AND she can rock denim on denim!

What I love about it… is it’s never the same day twice. I will never find myself saying ‘hey, I’ve made it’. There’s always a character that shows me a part of myself I’ve never explored. A part of the world I’ve never thought about. This leaves me perpetually dissatisfied with myself in a very satisfying way. It’s a hell of a drug.

What I don’t love about it … I’m learning to love it now, but it’s a career path with endless uncertainty. I get auditions the day of, I get cast in projects a week before, and when I’m on set the scenes can be rewritten 15mins before shooting. This means I don’t make plans anymore, my daily goal is to stay present, and I’m always blissing out over the smallest things and to be honest, I’m not sure how else I would live my life anymore.

What I’ve learned from the experience… there’s too many things. Watching everyone on set do 6x14hr days a week, starting at 4am, after only 5hrs sleep and still approach their work with passion and heart. This has taught me what a graceful work ethic really looks like. Also watching people put their craft above people pleasing has taught me a lot about how attractive and useful that quality is.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. have a life outside of acting. Most actors I know (I’m mainly talking about myself) tend to be perfectionists, and over-thinkers and if that’s not in check it’s counter-productive to the craft. I don’t think it’s possible to be a better actor than a human. I feel like the more I actively participate in my life, the better my work is. It makes me more relaxed and present in the room. That’s where travelling and studying Psychology has been a real solace for me.

I’m passionate about… female empowerment. To me empowered women are women who are in touch with their full spectrum. They can be tough, vulnerable, demanding, caring, strange, adventurous, accepting of their flaws whilst still being bad-ass and they’ll wear any one of these colours on their sleeve whilst heading into battle or the grocery store. These are the women I want to play and represent on screen.

Most people don’t know this about me… but I’m incredibly clumsy. I mean, I just did this series where I had these mad fight scenes in a cape with a scythe but I still trip 8 times a day just walking across a stable patch of concrete.

P.s In 5 years time, I’ll be in my backyard tending to my herb garden. I’ve never had a herb garden. And it’s been a while since I’ve lived in one place long enough to grow one.

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