Gal Crush of the Week: Madeline

maddy gal crush

Hey gal, this is me…. My name’s Madeline Hudson, I’m 25 years young and Rad-elaide born and bred. I studied Media Arts at the University of SA and moved to the big smoke (Sydney) three years ago to “chase the dream”….still trying to figure out exactly what that is, but am having a blast and that’s all that matters.

If I were to describe myself in three words… Driven, empathetic and clumsy.

I always blow my pay-check on… Most recently, on travel. France and Canada here I come!

I’m Currently… I’m currently working as the National Architecture and Design Market Manager for a commercial furniture company, Haworth.

I got into it because… In some sense I fell into it – I told you I’m clumsy! I was interning for Women’s Health Magazine and met (through a friend) someone who was about to leave the company and was trying to fill her position. I knew zero about furniture and the industry, I was just itching to move to Sydney and saw this job as my ticket! From there I ‘drank the Haworth kool-aide’, learnt A LOT about furniture and work-place environments and design and am now doing some pretty exciting things

What I love about it… The possibilities. Organisations are now placing more emphasis on creating spaces that are human centric, so it’s a really exciting time for workplace design! I love people, so I find it incredibly interesting how people react to space and how we can create the best possible work environments to get the most out of employees. I’m also lucky to travel a lot in my role – it’s taken me around Australia, to China, Italy and the US.

What I don’t love about it … I’m currently doing a leadership course (which is amazing, I love that part) however, it has participants from the company across the globe and I’m having to get up for conference calls at 4am at least once a week. That hasn’t been so fun!  

What I’ve learned from the experience… Moving interstate and starting my career all happened at once for me. I’ve learnt in my three years that I’m way tougher than I ever thought I was. No matter how stressful it can get, I now know that I’m going to be okay (an awesome group of girlfriends also helps when the going gets tough!)

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. Be flexible and open minded. Ask questions and say ‘yes’ to opportunities. And if you’re freaking out about your career/finding a job, just remember that most people at school now will enter the workforce in jobs that don’t even exist yet – that’s how quickly the employee landscape is changing at the moment! So stay opened minded.

I’m passionate about… Marriage equality. Love is love.

Most people don’t know this about me, but …. I use to compete in Sport Aerobics. Think high kicks, sequined leotards and princess reeboks. Google it.

In five years time I’ll be…who knows?! How exciting!

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