Hey gal, this is me… Georgia Flood, I’m 24 going on 17, but also sometimes 30. Actor / Singer / Songwriter.

If I were to describe myself in three words… Excited, passionate, definitely not punctual.

I always blow my pay-check on… Music equipment, organic health food, Margaritas for everyone.

Recently… I just finished filming Olivia Newton John TV show, currently living in LA, writing songs for my EP and auditioning for film and TV.

Just doing her day job on Anzac Girls…. #goals

I got into it because… I grew up in Phillip Island, and when I was really young I used to go hang out at my parents friend’s house whenever I was sick. Her name was Carmel. She had a soft sheep skin rug – I used to lie on that and eat fairy bread. She would put on The Wizard of Oz, Shirley Temple’s Annie, Mary Poppins, a whole range of beautiful old movies that would pop so satisfyingly out of those old VHS boxes.

I remember being completely transported into those magical worlds. As if I were Judy Garland. I felt so much empathy toward all the characters in the films, like I as really living through their experiences. I wanted to jump into the Television.

I remember so clearly watching the scene with Mary Poppins and Dick Van Dyke, the one where they jump inside the chalk drawings. I always thought that was pretty logical. If you imagine something, and create a visual for it, why can’t you simply dip inside?

I think this desire came out through performance, so after we moved to Dubai, Mum got me an agent when I was about 9 years old. I had my first on set gig in a video advertisement for ‘Wild Wadi Theme Park’, which featured in The Emirates Airlines in flight video. That was the beginning.

Arcadia: Georgia being damn good at her day job…!

What I love about it…

Two Things….

  1. The discovery bit. The scene analysis, the forensic investigation into a character’s life and then finding all the symbols and metaphors that pepper a script and enrich my spiritual understanding of my character.
  2. Enhancing my intellectual understanding with the sensory aspects and playing with another actor who has the same enriched life and enthusiasm about their story as I do. One canvas and you each have a paint brush. Alchemists in a lab. It’s magic.

What I don’t love about it… TV is very fast. Theatre is slow. Both can be frustrating. I’d love to do film more, I suspect a happy medium lies there. I’m excited to find out.

What I’ve learned from the experience… Stay present. When filming, you’re only really ‘acting’ for minutes that day, most of the time you’re doing something else, getting to know the cast and crew, getting into character, learning lines, or more likely than not, messing around playing pranks on each other. But that’s the best part, being present at work is so important. It’s not easy, it’s sometimes challenging to stay completely present and it can be exhausting. I’ve learned that meeting this challenge makes me happy, and work blossomed into this new thing that I can’t believe I get paid to do.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is… Don’t be self-conscious, or don’t let your ego be the boss. Trust your gut. Stand up for yourself. Be yourself. Find whatever it is that makes you, you. What is your cause? What do you believe in? Note the things that ignite your soul, act from that place. Surrender to your strength. Most importantly – Patience, Patience, Patience.

Did we tell you she was on Anzac Girls? #girlboss

I’m passionate about… Music. Obsessed with music. It’s everything to me. There’s music everywhere, and if you listen it’s telling you something. I always have music playing. Or am playing it. All genres too. Though recently I’m loving electronic and country/jazz.

Most people don’t know this about me, but..I sing. Most people have never heard me sing. I can’t wait to share my music with the world this year.

I’ve got an EP that will be available really soon, but in the meantime check out my Soundcloud!

In 5 years time I’ll be… Working on a film that I’m acting in and directing…in an amazing location, somewhere exotic. Focused, happy. There for my friends and family. With my own business and production company. An album out. Have established a successful co-owned charity with my god sister, pursuing world peace. But, mainly? Laughing. Just laughing. 🙂