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gabrielle steele

Hey gal, this is me…. Gabrielle Steele (find me on IG: @gabsteele) I’m 23 years old and the Director and Art Curator behind Steele & Gold (IG: I graduated from the University of Sydney with a B.A and from the University of Leicester with a GPD in Art Curating AND I’ve just enrolled in a Masters program to further educated and qualify myself.

My deal is… I like to know things and do things. I’m always on the look out for ways to expand my knowledge and job title, whether through travel, further education, reading or conferences. I’m super intense, super passionate and LOVE people. My life revolves around art and everything it permeates with (fashion, theatre, music – you name it!). My path to the Arts wasn’t straight forward, but I got here eventually and I couldn’t be happier.

Recently, I relocated to New York to further pursue my career and expand my business’s reach. I’ve decided on returning to Australia to continue working with my already existing on-shore private and corporate clients. Relocation taught me some valuable lessons in both life and business. I believe its vital to grow your network at home before you totally expand internationally.

Why I am doing it… I was always told to “do what you love” which is lucrative and more straightforward when you love medicine, teaching or law. When it comes to creative industries it’s not easy, you can find yourself working for free or being overly educated and not working at all. I have a love for Art and Fashion and started as an onsite stylist whilst studying Art History and English at University. After I graduated I worked in a few Art Galleries, which is the natural progression however I felt a side of me wasn’t being exercised or utilized. That’s what birthed the idea behind Steele & Gold. I was able to marry both my talent for Art and Fashion. Initially, Steele & Gold was solely boutique Art Consultancy however it developed into the broader title of Luxury Consultancy which incorporates Fashion consultancy, Art consultancy and brand development boasting clients such as King & Wood Malleson, Nomad Chocolate and YIORYIO Jewelry (just to have a little bit of a humble brag). I am extremely satisfied in my chosen path and in what I and everyone involved in my business do for emerging brands, individuals and corporate clients. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and vision, seamlessly, effectively and in a down to earth manner!

Gabrielle Steele
Gabrielle on one of her many travel adventures.

What I love about it… I love the social aspect and I love being able to travel, attend fashion week, art fairs, exhibition openings and etc. What I really love though is being able to help a person/s find that piece of art or that vintage Alaia dress or their brands image come together how they imagined.

What I don’t love about it… Turning a profit, start ups don’t tend to make a profit for the first few years, though my passion is at the core of Steele & Gold it can be tolling at times. Anyone who has taken a project on full time knows that there are good days, weeks and months and then there are slow ones. It’s important for those starting out to know that a profit will come but it will come later. Don’t be dissuaded, work that side hustle, it’ll come together with hard work and perseverance.

What I learnt from the experience… There will always be someone/s that will try to cut you down, make you feel worthless or criticize you unfairly and thus it’s important to know when you’re the problem or when it’s not your problem at all, some people (even family) are just unkind. I couldn’t do any of what I have without my incredible (and objective) support network. My partner, Sam, my closest friend (and self professed ‘professional bestfriend’) Cassandra, my direct and chosen family and all of my other close friends, industry friends, acquaintances and people I have met along the way. There has always been someone in my network to hear me rant, bounce ideas off, employ me (vital!) or offer me constructive criticism, a helping hand or a piece of advice. I had an incredible mentor (Noula Diamantopoulos – look her up! she’s written a book ‘Your Are. That Is. Creative’ which really inspired me) at my first commercial gallery job and was encouraged and supported in developing Steele & Gold. I had another important mentor through University, Byron Hurst, who continues to be a significant figure in my life and career. I believe mentoring and being mentored is a vital component in self development. It’s important to acknowledge all of the help you receive and those who offer it. I still have a loooooooooong path ahead of me and it’s important to show gratitude and respect to those who have helped you, I am of the strong belief that it’s better to achieve things together, as a group and community rather than climb over whoever you can to achieve your goals. Someone once told me: you win more bee’s with honey than you do with vinegar! and in my opinion there is nothing more true than this in both life, relationships and business.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. Be a nice person, work hard, build relationships, take risks and every experience as a lesson and when things get tough just keep going. Nothing good comes easy and life itself isn’t easy (something I have to keep reminding myself). Find what you love and make it work, grind away at it, if you are truly passionate about something everything will fall into place, people will want to invest because they can see your passion and drive, that’s all that matters. Giving up is super easy, picking yourself up and trying, trying again is harder. ALSO! Don’t sweat it if you don’t know what you want to do with yourself and your life right away. These things take time, do some self discovery and dive in head first. It’s ok to change your direction as many times as you need, life isn’t in a straight line, think of it like a dot to dot drawing, at first it’s a bloody mess but eventually with perseverance it all comes together, and takes shape.

And p.s I am passionate about… (Aside from the obvious Fash & Art) Arts funding, Gender equality and LGBTQI rights (amongst others) if you want more insight find me on twitter @gabsteele_  (otherwise this will turn into an essay).

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