Gal Crush of the Week: Felicity

Felicity Light

Hey gal, this is me… my name is Felicity Light, I’m 22 years old and have just come home from my first overseas performer contract. I am currently a production dancer/ singer for Celebrity Cruises and I’m about to take off again for my second contract! I graduated from Ed5 International in Sydney with a Diploma and Certificate IV in Performing Arts.

My deal is… I grew up on the North Shore of Sydney and went to school in North Sydney. I loved high school, mostly because I had an incredible support network of friends. Those girls are still my best friends to this day and I don’t know what I would do with out them! I’ve been dancing since the age of 3 and started singing lessons in high school; I always knew my destiny was to perform. Being on stage can be an incredible/ confronting and learning experience each time, so for those reasons it can be quite addictive as well as (at the risk of getting a bit deep and meaningful) a journey of self discovery.

Recently..  I just got home from a nine month cruise contract. I had 6 weeks of an intensive rehearsal period in Miami followed by 7 months on a cruise ship travelling to Bermuda, Canada and New England as well as the Caribbean! I’m currently on a two month break before going off again on a four month contract based out of Alaska.

Why I did it / am doing it… I always knew I wanted to be a performer, even though I was constantly told what a hard path it is to choose career and lifestyle wise. I knew my purpose was to dance so I’m lucky that I knew what I wanted to do from an early age, which is definitely not the case for a lot of people! The road to receiving the call telling me I got a professional dancing / singing job (fortuitously on my 21st Birthday!) was a long, disappointing and challenging one, I was continually told no, after no, after no from various auditions and casting agents and thought why did I choose this career. But I just knew that it was what I was meant to do because I loved it too much. Finally getting a ‘yes’ made all the heartache worth it.

Felicity Light
Felicity on stage (you saw her here first!)

What I love about it… Working on a cruise ship is an amazing experience purely because of the people you meet. My roommate was a girl from Melbourne, exactly the same age as me (our birthdays were one day apart weirdly!) we got matching tattoos and will be friends forever because of the crazy experience we shared. My cast was incredible, it was the best feeling knowing I had this incredible family on board supporting me. I also met my beautiful boyfriend onboard! But mostly, it was such a dream come true to get to perform every night. I couldn’t have asked for more in a job, getting to travel and sing and dance on stage week in, week out is indescribable.

What I don’t love about it… Living on a ship can feel a bit like ground hog day, sometimes I really didn’t know what day it was. Sharing a broom cupboard of a room with no window can get a little claustrophobic so it was just unbelievably lucky that my roommate and I got on so well and were so comfortable around each other.  Ship food can be interesting…sometimes the food in the crew areas can be pretty basic, once or twice I couldn’t even identify the kind of meat being served. Having the privilege of getting to eat in the guest areas was great but having the same options for 7 months got rather boring.

What I learnt from the experience… I started the contract as a production dancer, it wasn’t until two months before the end of the contract that I started singing. The singer/ dancer in the cast decided it wasn’t for her so I was promoted from being a dancer to singer/ dancer. This was the most valuable experience that could have ever happened to me on board. This was my first professional singing gig and having the endless support from my team around me helped me have the confidence to go out to a theatre of 900 people and actually have sound come out of my mouth! I was incredibly nervous the first couple of weeks but got the most exhilarating rush at the same time. I have a kind of confidence that I definitely didn’t have going into the contract from being pushed way out of my comfort zone.

My advice to anyone pursuing this pathway is…. Don’t give up. It’s so cliché but everyone says it for a reason! If you know this is what you’re meant to do, who is anyone to tell you other wise?I can’t stress enough how having self-confidence is key. The people on the panel often say ‘we want to hire you.’ It’s a two way street, you need a job, but they need performers so the less nerves and more confidence you have, the closer you are to getting the job. Katy Perry said, “If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pretty much pull anything off”, and it’s so true. Walk into that audition, stand in the front row, ignore the competition and own the room.

Every industry is hard, being a nurse is hard, being a business owner is hard, this pathway is really no more difficult than any other, it can be brutal but if it’s what you want, make it happen.

And p.s I am passionate about… look it’s no climate change or gender equality, but I’m passionate about my happiness. I’m 22, if I can’t be selfish now when can I be?! I’m passionate about making my dreams come true, I’m passionate about having great relationships with my parents, about being kind to my little brother, watching Made in Chelsea, buying that over priced black top, seeing my friends in this short time whilst I’m home and especially at the moment, doing long distance with my love across the sea!


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