What is ENID?

ENID is a career, future and study BFF for girls – online and in real life.

ENID is dedicated to empowering girls. It’s a community written by girls, for girls. It’s a platform to frankly address the issues we are currently facing and to enhance each other’s self-belief, confidence and sense of purpose. We’re the “big sister” girls might never have had.

ENID is by their side through high school, university or tertiary study, and into their early careers. We empower women by showcasing the diverse array of career, educational and life opportunities that are available beyond school, particularly those in which females are underrepresented.

Watch this video to find out more.

Okay. But… what are you selling? What do you actually do?

ENID is a media platform. Think of us as a cross between an online magazine and an events or experience community that interacts in real life.

We talk to girls about their next steps at every stage of the decision making process – whether that’s at school, uni or post-uni. We do this by delivering content through school presentations, online, social channels, events, forums, and videos.

It sounds complicated. But we believe it’s important to talk to girls through a variety of channels in order to develop and maintain an engaged community.

ENID doesn’t sell a physical product (…yet!).

Why are you called ENID?

The brand ‘ENID’ is based upon Nina’s great great Aunt, Enid Lyons, who was the first woman to be elected to the House of Representatives and Federal Cabinet. She was a total trailblazer! You can read more about Enid Lyons here.

Are you a Not For Profit or a Charity?

No. We are an Australian privately owned company.

We believe that to achieve meaningful social change, we need the power and scale that commercial business affords.

But how do you make money?

Great question. Email us at enid@enidnetwork.com if you want to chat everything biznez with us.

Who is the ENID team?

ENID was founded by Nina Khoury & Adriana Stefanatos. We’re two girls in our early 20s, seeking to make a change in the world we live in, and pass on the wisdom we wish we knew as teenagers.

ENID has a team of contributors, writers and content creators, curated by our Content Director, Honey Debelle.

Meet the ENID team here.

Meet the ENID ambassadors here.

How can I get involved with ENID?

There are loads of ways to get involved – and we’d love to have you on board!

  • Content creator / writer. We share a variety of diverse experiences and ideas on our website and social channels. If you like writing, taking photos, creating content or are simply wanting to flex your creative muscles, ENID is the place to do just that.
  • School Presenter. If you’re anything like us and LOVE the sound of your own voice, we’d love to have you involved as a presenter in schools. These are paid positions.
  • You can contribute your story or experience to ENID. You don’t need to be a writer – if you’ve had a cool experience you’d like to share (whether that’s travel, volunteering, life, internships, career opportunities, study – whatever!) we’d love to feature it. We can send you templates to help get you going.
  • Gal Crush. Have an amazing friend you want to showcase? Or think you’re doing pretty cool things yourself? Holla at us and we can get a Gal Crush of the Week feature happening. Gal Crush is our way to highlight cool girls doing cool things. Think of these as the real-life role models that you don’t hear about (but you should!)
  • Ideas person. If you have LOADS of ideas that you want to implement (start a podcast, become a food blogger – the possibilities are endless!) but aren’t sure how to start, let us know. We’re great at finding clever ways to help girls start cool things.
  • Attend an ENID event. Stay tuned to our social channels for events that we host including forums, meetups, workshops and networking events.
  • Partner with us. We love partnering with different companies, organisations and startups. Reach out to chat – let’s work together.
  • If you’re a corporate / business person / #girlboss or #boyboss and you are interested in what we are doing, please reach out to us. As two commerce grads, we love chatting everything busine$$
  • Advertise with ENID. If you’re looking to reach the savvy market of girls aged 16-24, we can help you out. Drop us a line.

Send us an email if you’re interested in any of the above: enid@enidnetwork.com and we will chat.

OMG What should I do with my life?

That’s a great question! And one that we ourselves are still trying to figure out.

Step 1: Have a mental freak out and spend at least 3 hours watching the latest episodes of the Kardashians/ Gilmore Girls repeats.

Step 2: Regather your thoughts and realise that your life isn’t over yet and you are entirely capable of living the fabulous life you always dreamed of. We believe in you.

Step 3: Hop on to ENID and have a read of these articles:




And watch these videos: How to figure out what’s next, and OMG what do I want to be when I grow up.

Step 4: Try something you’re interested in. The best way to get an idea of what you should do with your life is to just TRY something. Anything. You might realise if you like it, you might realise you hate it. You might meet the person who will be your future best friend or business partner. Either way, you’ll open your eyes to new opportunities and you’ll definitely gain a few new connections and skills.

Step 5: Don’t freak out trying to plan the rest of your life. You only need to think 6 months ahead. Where do you want to be in 6 months?

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out anytime to chat. We’ve been there.

How can I get an internship?

Great question.  We feature a ton of awesome opportunities on ENID here.

We also have featured a load of ‘Day In The Life of’ internships to give you advice on what it’s actually like to complete one.

Here are our top tips on internships. 

How can I get a grad job / law clerkship / become the next Amal Clooney?

First things first, we’d encourage you to NOT FREAK OUT about any future career opportunity or pending applications.

Secondly, do your research. Have a read of our application tips or the stories of girls who have been before you. We find that girls who are well informed, well researched, and are aware of all of the opportunities out there tend to be the girls that get jobs – simply because they know what they are getting themselves into. Prior preparation prevents poor performance (what a mouthful) but when it comes to the competitive grad job environment – practice (and preparation) makes perfect.

Thirdly, be as confident as you can. Confidence isn’t easy (we weren’t born confident) but it’s something we have developed over time. Head up, shoulders back and #fakeittillyoumakeit.

Can I ask you a question? It might be super dumb.

We love dumb questions. Simply submit your question to ASK ENID here.

Can you read through my CV?

Yes, we absolutely can. We also have a load of resources including templates that you can use for your CV and cover letter.

Email your CV to us at enid@enidnetwork.com and we will give you feedback.

How do I write for ENID?

If you’re interested in becoming a writer for ENID, email us at enid@enidnetwork.com with the subject line “Writer”.  We will send you all the info you need.

We accept content related to careers, university or tertiary studies or experiences, tips and tricks, and lifestyle (including food and fitness).

We provide you with themes, ideas, thought-starters, feedback and training to help you become the best writer EVER.

Can you come to my school?

Yes we can! We visit schools all around Australia delivering presentations to girls in year 7 to year 12.

We offer an interactive presentation incorporating careers, educational pathways, wellbeing, confidence and guidance to help you find your purpose. All our presentations include an interactive activity, and showcase a diverse range of role models.

Watch this video to see more info on ENID in schools, and have a read of this article to find out some more info on our schools program.

If you’re interested in ENID coming to your school, email us at enid@enidnetwork.com

Do you have a disclaimer?

We do. You can read our disclaimer here.