Why it’s okay to take your time

We live in a fast paced world. We’re told to finish school, go to Uni, get a job, buy a house, and then life gets serious and actually starts. But hold on, what about actually taking my time and making the most out of every stage? So what if I spend another 6 months at Uni because I’ve lessened my load? So what if I take a gap year? So what if I put life on pause for a moment and just take a break?

Now don’t get us wrong, at ENID we want you to be super ambitious, work hard and aim bloody high, but we don’t want you to do it at the expense of actually enjoying every moment. We want you to work hard and savour the experiences that can bring – whether that is 6 months travelling South America, or volunteering in Asia, or simply taking a break in your own city while you give a project a go!

We’re speaking from experience here. Being incredibly impatient girls, we want to tick boxes, quickly, and move onto the next challenge. While that’s a great attitude to have, sometimes you move too quickly and forget about what you’re currently doing. Don’t feel guilty about taking a holiday, or not finishing your degree quick enough, or not being a CEO by the time you’re 20, or taking a night off from study to simply relax. This doesn’t mean you’re not successful or aimless, it just means you value balance and the happiness that brings.

Girls, think big and aim high! But remember, there is a whole world out there, and you know what – YOYO*!

*You’re only young once! Yes, we realise it’s not YOLO – but YOYO is totally a thing (or we think it should be a thing)!

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