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Hey ENID’s – want to experience the fun of ENID, in real life? Hit us up:

We have fun activities (promise), inspiring content (from real gals and guys), empowering stories and informative tips to address the 99 problems we all face in our teenage years. If you’re in years 7-12, or you know some gals and guys in those years who would be interested, let us know!

We’ve got you covered:

ENIDempower:  practical tools to develop self esteem, confidence and interpersonal skills.

ENIDaware: show the 1000001 career and educational opportunities available – and how to get there.

ENIDequality: all the gender equality issues and barriers out there + practical tools to fight it (not actual fighting. Unfortunately, Nina and Ad don’t have a Black Belt in Martial Arts – maybe one day!).

We’ll tailor each session to your needs / age / school / careers / preferences. Just let us know!

So far, ENID has had amazingly positive feedback from both students and teachers (i.e. over 90% of the girls were either “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied”). In response to “what did you like most about the session?” a few of ENID’s favourite comments:


  • Loved it! So inspiring, really opened up my views on the opportunities! (Year 10: Alexandria Park Community School)
  • I liked how informative the session was and how lovely the girls were. The session was also really interactive.  (Year 9: Leichhardt Sydney Secondary College)
  • The girl’s enthusiasm, positivity and talks about how it’s okay to make mistakes, to chop and change etc. (Year 11: Elderslie High School)
  • Very informative and gave us a supportive environment and vibe – giving me some hope!! (Year 11: Fairvale High School)
  • The use of the world “gal”. The good vibes. The bomb people. The snazzy visuals. (Year 9: Leichhardt Sydney Secondary College)
  • ENID are the coolest muggles ever. My favourite part was when they taught us how to Wingardium Leviosa (Year 7, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).

What are you waiting for? Join ENID in it’s mission to open and strengthen career pathways for young women in Australia! For more info: or send a note via carrier pigeon to ENID Network, the Interwebz, Sydney, Australia. 

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