Empowering Girls Through Entrepreneurship

“Jewellery can deliver power to your heart and help you realize how
unique you are” Said by Xiaoyu Jin (Kimmy) who is the founder of Olyeu jewellery and a student councillor at the University of Sydney Student
Representatives Council. In 2017, she and her partner founded a fashion jewellery brand – Olyeu, with the aim of sharing the life attitude through fashion jewellery.

Founding Olyeu seemed like her life’s destiny.

She went to boarding school for the primary study, the school regulates that every student must organize themselves in daily life. But she wanted to make simple life more creative. Hence, using different pieces of jewellery to match clothes became the most enjoyable thing for her. After studying aboard, she met her partner, Skyler, who has the same attitude toward jewellery and fashion. They believe that jewellery not only can inspire everyday wearing, but it can also show the personality and attitude of the wearer.

They have various opinions on the same fashion style as they are from a slightly different culture background. It makes everything more interesting as they will discuss the understanding of fashion trend and what philosophy fashion can bring to life. During the summer vacation, Kimmy was invited to visit the handmade studio that was found by Skyler’s father since 2009. She found that behind the gorgeous jewellery is the persistence of the artisan spirit. Those experiences encouraged her to found a fashion jewellery brand in Sydney where brings her inspiration and passion.

Why Found Olyeu?

In 2017, she founded a fashion jewellery brand named Olyeu which means ‘only you’, as she believes that uniqueness is a quality that forever exists inside of every girl. She is expecting to inspire customers through creativity and life attitude with the desire of creating 100% handmade quality jewellery. Olyeu products are designed for a daily look that reflects an appreciation for the passion of life, it wishes that every
girl can find their unique elements and be brave to be themselves.

Olyeu intelligent vending machine

As an internet jewellery brand, Olyeu hopes to provide the best shopping experience for customers with their original aspiration. The limitation of shopping online is that customers cannot try the product immediately. While operating the physical stores requires higher fix costs. Olyeu is trying to explore a new way to eliminate the limitations of both physical and online stores. Therefore, they designed and create the Olyeu jewellery vending machine. It is based on updating the traditional vending machine by changing the exterior and payment function. they will apply the Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the intelligent screen that can provide a free try-on service for customers before purchasing. It allows the customers to experience whether the jewellery suits them without physical try-on.

Olyeu wishes to start a new way of shopping style that would enhance pleasure during shopping. Kimmy expects that the clicks-and-mortar
business model can combine fashion and technology together,
providing more value to the customer.

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