Driving Female-led Change

Despite the efforts of many, gender is still a massive issue across almost all industries. In the startup world, less than 2% of venture funding globally is going to women and while women are now visible at all levels of successful organisations, they are still strongly underrepresented at the top.

In the US, statistics show that although women make up 44% of the S&P 500 workforce overall, they only account for 25% of executive and senior roles, 20% of organization board members, and 6% of CEOs. But new initiatives, new businesses and a new mindset from young women across the world is starting to drive meaningful change. Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), based in Ultimo, is committed to giving driven young women (and men) the opportunity to decide their own destiny and help create change in whatever field they’re in.

Founded in 2017, SSE has an even gender balance of students and has welcomed students from all 11 universities in NSW and TAFE NSW. They come together from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines and locations to learn from Driving female-led change inspiring entrepreneurs and educators, meet like-minded people and challenge their thinking in a dynamic and interactive environment.
Even for those not thinking about starting their own business, SSE offers skills, connections and confidence that are not only attractive to future employers but can help students take control of their future. SSE hosts a range of activities on top of its units, that showcase some of the amazing women already shifting the conversation around the world.
Last year, SSE hosted Pocket Sun, the founder of the first female-led millennial venture capital fund SoGal Ventures, and the NSW Minister for Women Tanya Davies. Here’s a quote from another SSE speaker, SheEO founder, Vicki Saunders (pictured below).

“Every institution, every structure, every
company we see is designed by men for men.
What would it look like if we designed a
system that worked for both of us?”

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