Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Michelle, a Digital Marketing and Media Coordinator at Cricket Tasmania. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID.

Let me introduce myself… My name is Michelle Cooling, I am 29 years old and am the Digital Marketing and Media Coordinator at Cricket Tasmania / Hobart Hurricanes. I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism, Media and Communications at UTAS (University of Tasmania) in 2009. I had a short term stint at Cricket Australia in Melbourne before starting work at Cricket Tasmania 5 years ago. My field also allowed me to work in the UK, I worked as Digital and Media Manager at Durham County Cricket Club in England’s North East in 2013.

My job in a nutshell… I get to roam social media all day and get paid for it…. Kidding! But if I had a $1 for everytime someone asked me if that’s all I do, I would give Zuckerberg a run for his money.

Digital and social media is a big part of my job as I manage and am a content creator for all social media channels for Cricket Tasmania and Hobart Hurricanes but my job entails more than just tweeting and ‘gramming. Some other areas include media liaison, marketing communications, public relations, digital media, graphic design and IT skills in terms of controlling the back end of websites, I’ve even learnt a bit of HTML code (who am I?!).

I also travel as media manager with the Hobart Hurricanes and the Tasmanian Tigers and occasionally with our female teams too over the summer. This involves being the media contact on hand at matches and working with the broadcaster- so Channel 9 for One Day Cup and Channel 10 for Big Bash League. Tasks vary from chasing players across the ground (yes I have done this) to get them mic’d up to facilitating interview requests. I’m lucky to have the best seat in the house and watch some of the best cricketers in the world go about their business. For the BBL we travel all around Australia for matches in Dec/Jan (sanity levels through the roof!), it’s a lot of work but enjoyable at the same time.


FYI: This is NOT what Michelle does all day. But cool iPhone covers hey?

Skills you’ll need… Working under pressure is huge especially ‘in season’. Digital media is constantly changing and the demand for information is SO high. If you want to work in the field you can’t be a 9-5er. People expect news as it happens and the organisation looks slack if you are slow to respond. It’s not just about meeting the demands of people though it’s about being pro-active and getting people engaged with your brand.

Traits/Skills that are valuable… It sounds obvious but communication skills are obviously key and also being confident.  I am not the most outgoing person but am confident in a job sense I guess. When you are working with professional athletes you have to be- you want to develop good relations with them. I am lucky to work with a good group of players and coaches and get along well with them and it makes the job easier. When you are constantly asking them to help with being involved in the content you are producing, do media interviews, appearances and briefing them for media it’s important to develop good rapport.

Also have good grammar…

When you are publishing content to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world on behalf of a brand, you do not want to be making grammatical errors! Pet hate is reading content online with bad grammar.

This job is for you if  you like… CRICKET! My job involves watching and consuming all things cricket. It’s like any media or digital job, without stating the obvious, I think you do a better job if you are passionate about what you are producing content for.

I grew up in a household where cricket was talked about a lot and was a fan before starting work in the field so had the background knowledge, in a sport like this it’s really important I think.  Also you have to love what you do.

From a more generic sense though, if you are a creative type – you enjoy writing, producing content and engaging with other people a Digital / Media and Communications is the field for you!

Avoid this job if… You don’t like having to bite your tongue when you read social media comments…..oh and working past 5pm… My job is not 9-5, social media thrives 7-9pm or ‘prime time’ as the kids call it. I am always thinking about our digital platforms at all hours, it’s not as full on in the off season but then I have to think more as the content isn’t right in front of me. You do become absorbed in it and although you have times where you are up at 2am post-match getting everything online for people to wake up to, you do it so others can enjoy it as you do.

My advice to you….  I think it is a constantly changing area to work in which makes it exciting and as I said earlier, the demand for content is getting bigger and bigger and companies want to make a big presence online so it’s a great industry to be getting into as technology advances. You have to be prepared to work hard and really commit to your job as ‘news doesn’t sleep’ but it’s worth it when you get to be part of some great experiences and your job takes you all over the world!