Dear Younger Me: Sophie

What would you write to a younger you? 

Let us introduce you to Sophie: a 21 year old Media & Communications Student (sociology major), currently working in Student Support Services at Sydney University & Manning Bar. 

Dear Younger… Sophie,

In your final years of School you should… Work hard, get involved in opportunities and make an effort. There’s nothing worse than leaving school thinking what you could have, would have and should have done. Run for a position on the school council, try out for all the sports teams you want to and see how many new friendships you can make. Your future networking skills start here…

When you finish School you will… Be scared, anxious, excited and relieved. Despite this, you will need to make (think about making) crucial life decisions. Apply for every degree and every scholarship at every university that interests you. When you accept one offer, defer the others.

Your 2013 will start with the intention of a gap year, then you wont find a job, this will result in you freaking out, you will enrol at UTAS the day before uni starts, defer all your mainland offers, complete a year of Arts/Law, accept your offer at USYD, and at the end of 2013 you’ll be on a plane to Sydney to start a new degree

Note: In 2014 it was social suicide to like Justin Bieber, now, in 2016 just over 75%* of the world are Beliebers. This is just a prime example that change HAPPENS and is OKAY.

And yes we admit it, ENID is part of that 75%.

In your first lecture at University you will feel… Not at all ready to be taking on these kind of adult responsibilities, ready to run out of the room and back home to mum. Many of your friends will be putting off these responsibilities and saving up to go travelling to Europe and have the ‘time of their lives’. This will make you jealous. No matter what your decision, find the positives. If you’re at uni before your friends, hopefully you will graduate before them. If you look around the room you will notice the prevalence of mature aged students, and that you’re the only one in the lecture theatre still using a pen and paper. Four years on, you’re still the only one in your degree using pen and paper.

Halfway through your University degree you… Feel like you should be getting better at this whole ‘adult’ thing. You start enjoying your degree, and finally make some friends instead of being the weird girl who transferred from Tasmania.  You realise that things don’t happen by themselves, and that your mum doesn’t book dentist and doctor’s appointments for you anymore. You finally learn time management strategies and how to manipulate your timetable best to suit you. If you’re not a morning person, don’t put classes on in the morning. You always realise how stimulating you find writing and completing lists…

The interview you receive at… Your first job in Sydney. You know the CEO of the company, so it’s more of a ‘welcome, here is the job you will be doing’. This is where you learn your first big lesson of employment, sometimes, it’s WHO you know, and that you should always use your contacts, if they can’t offer you a job, they might know someone who will. You will start learning life skills, which you will soon be able to transfer into other jobs, as well as use these to showcase your personality and employability profile, ready for your next job interview and for you to start working your way up that corporate ladder. You will learn that first impressions are important, and that you should always pick a skill in an interview to show your employee that you are unique from the other interviewees, or a story that will help them remember you. Don’t be afraid to stand out and push the boundaries a little. You will also later quit this job.

That job you had… Emphasis on the ‘had’. If studying sociology is going to teach you anything, it’s that life is ‘liquid’, and has the possibility to be altered at any time. If you’re in a job you don’t like, find another one. Set a goal of your dream job, and take steps to work towards this, even if it’s a ten-year job plan. Also learn to find the balance between sucking up and getting people at a new job to like you. You will be the new kid stuck making the office coffees and polishing the cutlery until the next new person comes along.

You will learn to use your job to network, and find other jobs. In true Drake inspiration “Started from the bottom now we here”.

After you finish your degree you will… Buy a pug, work your dream job, find love, get married, have children, live in a house with a white picket fence… Not really! But you’ll come back and write this section. More realistically (hopefully) get a job from your internship or a graduate job and start working real life big girl corporate world. You will visit the eastern suburbs of Sydney and look at houses and cars for some inspiration when needing #goals. You will be proud of yourself for completing an important life milestone.

Now I am… Organising life and preparing for the next stage! Applying for internships, graduate positions while aiming for my dream job in sports media. Four different companies currently employ me, whilst I am trying to finish my degree, play sports and prepare for a potential quarter life-crisis!

And younger me, I wish you had known that… Where to start…! Lets go with a list!

  • You should always go with your gut instinct, if it feels wrong, it probably is.
  • Eliminate the word “yet” (i.e. “i’m not ready yet”, “I can’t do that yet”). Start now. Stop putting it off.
  • Never regret any decision you make. As cliché as it is, everything happens for a reason.
  • Make things happen, they wont happen themselves.
  • Be a girl boss, start to build your empire and the rest will fall into place.
  • When things get bad, it always gets better.

Love from Older… Sophie xxx

*Not actual statistic #

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