Hey gal this is me… Hey, my name is Catriona, I’m 18 years old and in my first year of Science in Analytics at UTS.

My University course in a nutshell… This course was offered for the first time last year, so most people I’ve told haven’t heard of it! I’m only in my first semester, but the topics I’ve studied so far include statistics, linear algebra, and quantitative management. In all 4 of my subjects, I’m learning to use different software programs to solve complex problems quickly. I’ve chosen to major in financial mathematics, so later on I will also be doing some finance/business subjects.

Why I applied… Ever since early primary school, maths has been my favourite subject. I find it so interesting and I love to learn about new mathematical concepts in my spare time (check out the Numberphile YouTube channel – it’s one of my favourites). It was only in my later high school years when I found out about data analytics that I realised I could actually have a career which involved maths everyday. The recent growth of the data analytics industry, on a global scale, makes it an especially exciting time to be studying this degree!

How I applied… I applied for this course in 2016, during my HSC year, and was accepted in the main round offers. I only decided on this course the night that university preferences were due to UAC. I had originally chosen at course at UNSW, but at 11:58pm (2 minutes before the deadline) I switched to this course. It was a bit of a spontaneous decision, but one of the best I’ve ever made!

Specific skills you may use and that are valuable… A passion for numbers will definitely be helpful if you’re considering this degree. You’ll also have to be prepared to learn how to use a variety of software programs to solve problems.

Do this course if you like… Do this course if you’re interested in learning how to turn raw data into useful information, and if you’re thinking about a career in data science.

Don’t do this course if you don’t like… Don’t do this course if you don’t like numbers or working with computers.

Any tips/advice for those thinking about this course…. If you’re thinking about doing this course, be aware that many STEM degrees (at least in my experience) are still quite male-dominated. Coming from an all-girls school, I found this a bit surprising at first, but I encourage you to not let this stop you from being a pioneer in your field!

P.s if you want to know more about Catriona and her degree, check out an interview by UTS here