Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Trishika, a Marketing Account Executive at an Advertising Agency. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID

Let me introduce myself… My name is Trishika Ramrakha, I am 24 years old and I am an Account Executive at an advertising agency in Sydney. I previously went to the University of Sydney and completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Management.

My job in a nutshell… My job is all about problem solving. In account service we are the pivotal link between the client and all the internal facets of an agency – creatives, production, TV, media, PR. We are essentially brand guardians – we need to make sure all the work that comes through our creative teams  (and the marketing work that comes through partners who our client works with) are on-brief and in line with what the brand is wanting to achieve.


FYI: Advertisers live for the Superbowl. Superbowl Ads.

This job is for you… If you are a people person, love a challenge, problem solving, thinking on your feet and have a passion for exciting advertising.

Avoid this job if… Don’t sign up to work in an advertising agency if you don’t enjoy a fast past environment and if you hate process. You need a sense of urgency and need to be organised. You must enjoy working hard and working with people – building relationships with your client and the people you work with in the office every day. You are never working on the same thing over and over again – your tasks change every single day.

Tips and advice… A tip – try to start off in a smaller agency, you get more exposure to the process of how agencies work and get to take on more work. Also try to find an integrated agency which has an internal creative team you can work with and brands you can see yourself working on.