Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Madison, a self employed Dance Studio Owner at Miss Madi’s Dance Studio. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID

Let me introduce myself… My name is Madison Robins, I am 21 years old and I am a dance studio owner and a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Sydney.

My job in a nutshell… I am self employed. I run my own dance school, teaching approximately 15 hours a week while also working on administration/phone calls/emails etc for another 5/10 hours a week… honestly it could be more but I try not to think about adding the hours up!

The way I see it, there is not one business area that I don’t cover in my weekly work schedule. I work in customer service and sales. I am an accountant, a manager, I do my own marketing and advertising, I am my own PR and PA. I am a teacher, a counsellor, an advisor and an administrator. On a daily basis I may be any number of those roles. I am always working on my negotiation skills, my sales skills, working out my finances, settling my accounts, I work with children so thinking on my feet and working under pressure are essential and of course I must be patient and organised all day every day.


Excuse the cliche, but these are just too pretty.

This job is for you… if you are good with children and adults, if you are good with numbers and words and if you like both creativity and accounting.

Avoid this job if… you want to be able to walk away from your job at 5pm.

Tips and advice… I advise anyone thinking about starting their own dance school to just do it! There is only one way to know if any career is right for you and that is to just do it: jump right in the deep end. Find a nice little church hall and rent it out for 1 hour a week for 1 school term. Next go to all your local primary schools and say hello! Be yourself (which is hopefully friendly, bubbly, and passionate about dancing!) The initial capital on a start up dance school is well below almost every other start business you can think of. I started with $2000, (which I got back within the first week of the first term of starting classes!)