Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Nicole, a Management Consultant. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID

Let me introduce myself…  My name is Nicole Kuepper-Russell, I am 30 years old and a Management Consultant. I studied a Bachelor of Engineering in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering, with a PhD in Solar Energy.

My job in a nutshell… We work with major organisations and companies to help them solve the toughest problems they are facing. Given this the work we do varies a lot! Some examples of typical projects include: growth strategy for a bank, performance improvement for a mine site, helping a telco drive customer advocacy, due diligence on an acquisition target, etc.


You travel a lot. And you will NOT have this much luggage.

Skills you’ll need… We do a lot of logical thinking and number crunching. We work with our clients so it is a very collaborative process. We work in strong teams so coaching is a skill that is very valued.

Valuable traits… Logical thinking. Curiosity.

This job is for you… If you love solving really tough problems in a team environment and working with great people across a range of industries.

Avoid this job if… If you don’t like numbers (sorry)! 

Tips and advice… Try the case study examples online – if you enjoy them then you’ll probably enjoy the job!