Middle-aged strangers are going to throw shade, don’t catch it.

I would consider myself an accomplished person, but when I think of all those generic ‘young adult’ milestones, I’ve hardly ticked any boxes.

  1. ‘License-less’

Righto, yep, I’ll cop it, this ones on me. Perhaps I’m being carbon neutral? I.e. *gets carried away winning fake arguments and has long showers* = *doesn’t own a pollute-mobile*. But in reality, learning to drive was something I was terrified to do and thus I’ve never given it my all. Driving is such a natural part of coming of age, so I have always felt alone in being so uncomfortable with it. But I’m not alone; this hesitation is common. I just have to learn to bite the bullet. It irritates me that this is often the one skill people use to measure independence; you can still be independent on a bus! Regardless, I really should get cracking with this one.

  1. “Boyfriend-less”

Why?? Is this?? An issue?? Whether or not you have found your ‘other half’ is one of the main factors people consider when gaging your worth. As soon as you answer this question with a simple “no”, the question that follows is “oh… so then what are you going to name your 74 cats?” I don’t even like cats. I have so many valuable relationships in my life, so I am befuddled by the prospect that I am a lesser person for missing just the one. More than any other, this concern comes out of love. But I’ll be fine. And if not, well I guess I’ll just have to start liking cats then, won’t I?

  1. “Arts Student”

Oop there it is… Supposedly the bottom of the Bachelors degree hierarchy, Arts gets a bad wrap. I am constantly justifying my course choices, so I’ve become pretty darn good at it. The shorter contact hours mean that extra curricular activities are yours at the ready- hello employment! Beyond that, Arts makes you so aware of the society surrounding you. How can that be a bad thing? And also, I totally got to write an essay on Nick Jonas last semester…

All in all, you are not a Kikki-K checklist, you are a human being. Your value is ingrained in your multifaceted 10/10 personality. And you get to decide if what you are doing is fulfilling. Not a random, judgey middle-aged couple you met in a London pub (you know who you are).