My Story: Bachelor of International and Global Studies Student

Hey gal, this is me…. My name’s Monique (Mon, tique, Mo or sneakers for some reason…) and I’ve recently finished up my teen years and hit the big 2-0 years old! I will be graduating this year with a Bachelor of International and Global Studies from Usyd and am enrolled to start post-grad law, a challenge that I am very excited for. 

My deal is… I went to quite a few different high schools and ended up completing high school at St Marks, a very new local school at the time, and graduated with their second ever HSC cohort. I made the decision to go to a smaller, developing school because it was conveniently walking distance from where I lived (which for me at the time meant more time to fit in more study!). 

What I loved about my school life… The highlight of my school life would have to be the sport. Every year, the cross country and athletics carnivals and pretty much any sporting gala day or event, whether it be soccer, touch football, volleyball or a triathlon, were definitely eagerly anticipated. I loved the chance to cheer on our school team and meet new people who shared the same interest in sport. I also enjoyed planning and committing to training for each event, with the aim to beat times or results from the previous year, always with the goal of progress to the next level of competition to savour the enjoyment and length of each sports carnival or event. 

What I didn’t love about my school life… School ground drama and gossip and to be honest, a few teachers throughout school life I was not particularly fond of!

Why I chose to study my degree… I chose my degree partly because it had always been a desire to travel while studying and in my degree, an international exchange was a compulsory requirement so I knew it meant I had no option but to fulfil this aim… mostly through persuading my parents that it was necessary! Though the main reasons I chose studies revolving around international relations, government, sociology and legal studies, is that eventually it would enable me to reach my end goal of studying and practicing in a field of the law. Importantly, opening my mind and understanding of the world; giving me the opportunity to question why and how decisions that affected my daily life were made. I also saw it as an opportunity to find and put thought into the areas I am passionate about.  

Another #sportyspice!

The opportunities I’ve had so far… Career wise… not many opportunities at this point in time! I have to say I am still in the process of applying for internships, but am more focused on saving money at this point in time so that I will be able to travel more until more pressing career decisions are to be made.  

However, I would consider the greatest opportunity I have had so far has been my semester of studying abroad in Montreal, Canada, which I will definitely be sharing more about! So stay tuned.  

The challenges have been… The greatest challenge that I am currently facing is where to go from now, as far as post-graduate studies and where I am hoping to complete this next and most likely final stage of my studies… Another challenge that I am currently facing is applying for opportunities to gain experience through internships or career centred job roles for instance. 

Why I have chosen this path… … because I am seeking a career that I will be passionate about. A career that I will be proud to say I have achieved and something that will have a valuable impact not only on a personal level, but also on a greater, social level to the point where ideally, the years spent sacrificing time for study commitments will enable my future role to have some sort of meaningful impact and benefit on other people’s lives.

Where I want it to take me… Clearly above, the direction of where I want the path of study I have chosen is unknown! Although I would have to say that ultimately, my goal path would not only benefit others, but would also give me the opportunity to travel, see the world and support me enough so that I would be able to return to a place after travelling somewhere overlooking Sydney harbour or one of the amazing beaches Sydney has to offer. A major motivation for pursuing a path that would allow this is so I will also be able to have a place in a similar spot, for my parents, as a thanks for all the years they invested into supporting and all up raising me (which they pretty much are still doing, so a massive shout out to them for everything!).  

My advice to anyone pursuing my pathway is… That it’s ok not to know what your doing… I never thought I would be so uncertain, but it has been this uncertainty that has led me to think more about what exactly it is that I am passionate about, what I am striving towards as well as gaining a greater understanding on who I am throughout this process.

And p.s I am passionate about… 


  • valuing my fam
  • justice and fairness 
  • learning and education 
  • the environment 
  • living in the moment 
  • enjoying the ‘process’ and making the most out of each day
  • striving to be an inspiration for others! 

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