Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Anna, an Australian Women’s Hockey Player. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID.

Let me introduce myself… I’m Anna Flanagan, 24 years old and an Australian Women’s Hockey Player. I have a Bachelor of Humanities (Journalism major), a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies and Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.

My job in a nutshell… I train 6 days a week and am employed full time by Hockey Australia. We train upto 20 hours a week, not including team meetings, physio and massage appointments. I can be traveling from anywhere between 2 to 6 months of the year playing tournaments around the world, as well as fulfilling sponsor commitments that also take me around the world.


While being an absolute babe, this girl can play! #ENIDathlete

Skills you’ll need… As a member of a team, being able to work with others to problem solve, give and receive feedback and perform under pressure are all key elements to be a Hockeyroo. Have the resilience to overcome setbacks, such as injury or poor play is crucial to improve as a player.

This job is for you if you like… Do this ‘job’ if you like a challenging and competitive environment, and are willing to do anything that will help you become the best hockey player you can.

Avoid this job if you dislike… Don’t do this job if you do not like having a schedule. Being a Hockeyroo means your life decisions are all based on performance and looking after your body. If you want a flexible job then Hockey is not for you.

Top 3 moments of my job… 

  • When I first made the Australian squad and fulfilled a childhood dream;
  • Winning 2 Commonwealth Games Gold medals; and
  • Becoming an Olympian!

My advice to you…. It takes self belief and determination. You have to be willing to give up certain aspects of your life to follow this path. It is not easy but extremely rewarding.