About ENID and USyd Women

The ENID project was originally started by Nina, Adri and Honey in 2016 when they were students at the University of Sydney. Together, they built up the platform with a significant online following dedicated to female empowerment.

At the beginning of 2019, ENID was handed down to the USyd Women organisation. USyd Women is run by the Student Representative Council’s Women’s Officers and a dedicated team of volunteers. The organisation aims to foster a sense of community between the diverse and talented women at USyd. The team aims for ENID to be a place where women’s voices on a huge variety of topics are celebrated, and where content is shared that can empower and inform our university and its wider community.

Meet the team behind USyd Women and ENID:

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

Co-President of USyd Women, Women’s Officers of the SRC, Editor-in-Chief of ENID


Studying: Law and Economics

I am excited to have ENID as one of the key pillars of USYD Women. A movement of passionate, diverse and talented women that have been brought together by studying at the University of Sydney. I am passionate about women supporting, embracing and learning from one another. This page strives to enable us to do that. Enjoy the stories, experiences and creative talents of the women who have been brave and bold enough to contribute to ENID.


Studying: Law and Commerce

I am passionate about ENID being a multi-cultural platform, which allows students from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts and opinions. Here, we highly respect the freedom of speech and we believe that everyone is entitled to their values and thoughts. I am excited to be part of sharing diverse voices on campus.

Holly McDonald

Position: Deputy President of USyd Women, Editor-in-Chief of ENID

Studying: Politics and International Relations

Being part of the ENID team means being part of a movement on campus that works to provide a sense of community for women at USyd, and one that is empowering of all feminists. I think that it’s important to be an active and engaged student to allow diversity of ideas on campus and to celebrate all forms of female empowerment.

Amy Mifsud

Position: Managing Editor of ENID

Studying: Media and Communications

When I started at USYD I felt like there was more I could be doing on campus to help other women and myself. Being from a media & communications background, I really wanted to get involved in the creative process and be a part of a team that values the promotion of women’s ideas and wellbeing and fosters respect for our community. I want our platform to be a place where we can present meaningful content from incredible people and inform members of society on issues that may often go unnoticed.

Kate Scott

Creative Director

Studying: Politics and International Relations

I truly want USyd Women to be a platform for women of all backgrounds and political beliefs to share their opinions and beliefs in a safe space. A bit about me; I rate watching overly dramatic Ancient history documentaries, and quoting Brooklyn 99.

Hannah Kingsmill

Editor and Content Creator at ENID


For me, being involved in USYD Women is about creating a modern platform for young women to express and share what they are passionate about and what they create, empowering themselves and others to make a change and further their potential. I think that the internet provides such amazing potential to create networks, especially at a university as big as USYD, which is something that I really hope to utilise through ENID and USYD Women.

Olivia-James McKeown

Project Manager USYD Women, Editor and Content Creator at ENID

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Accounting and Government & International Relations)

I am passionate about the professional and educational development of women. The development of an independent, apolitical women’s collective on campus through USYD Women is something I feel strongly about and believe was missing on our campus! I am glad to see that USYD women and ENID will continue to make up this space in the future for likeminded women on campus.

Caroline Song

Event Manager of USYD Women

I have always been passionate about promoting women’s empowerment to meet the needs of women and girls worldwide. 

The most significant benefits of belonging to USYD Women are the support, encouragement, enthusiasm and friendship that are shared by members with diverse backgrounds and different experiences. I believe ENID is such a great platform for expanding women’s entrepreneurship and leadership hence enhancing women’s empowerment.

Sonia Gao

Social Media Director 

Studying: Commerce (Finance and Accounting)

With the curiosity about the world, I’ve always been willing to visit different places, meet people with different backgrounds and explore new and interesting things. I really admire independent and confident women and I believe male and female are both talented individuals with equal rights. Finally, I’m so glad to be a part of EIND Sisters. Let’s work together to make it a better place for women!