Each year, I try and come up with a personal mantra (as discussed here). Usually it’s completely random how I actually discover the phrase, but the meaning to me is often quite significant. I haven’t yet found my 2017 mantra, so we are going to find it together!


First things first, what’s on the agenda this year: school, uni, part time job, sport? And beside that: friends, family, co-curricular – tennis, hockey, dancing?

For me, what’s happening this year is ENID (shameless): I’m working on ENID full time (loving life) so that’s what is happening this year for me. There’s a few other things on the agenda (like finishing off a pesky uni subject (literally the bane of my existence – but that’s another story). I’m also trying to focus on #fitness and #fabulosity (no, sorry Nina, I’m not running a half marathon) but I would like to be my #fitspo self (lol – after a summer of indulging it’s time to get myself into gear). I’m also trying to read more – I’d love to read 25 books before the end of the year (that’s around one per fortnight).


As alluded to above: I want to focus on ENID and exercise. So – I want ENID to obviously be INSANELY successful, and I want to get SUPER FIT while doing it. Sounds achievable? Yeahhh!

So for me, I’m going to break it down into the following:

  • Read 25 books before the end of the year
  • Exercise every day
  • Instagram daily (I don’t know if this is a vain goal, but I’ve been daily gramming for the past week, and tbh I love it).
This is my iphone wallpaper. TOP TIP: make your goals FRONT AND CENTRE!

This is my iphone wallpaper. TOP TIP: make your goals FRONT AND CENTRE! P.s. we have already established that I am lame 🙂


Well, obviously, I want ENID to be successful because it’s super fun, I love it, and I believe in why I’m doing.

I also want to be fit so I can be one of those smug people that posts Instagram #fitspo photos. JOKING. This is a terrible reason. I know that I function my best when I eat well, drink loads of water, go to the gym, walk a lot, and generally be kind to myself – that’s when I have the most energy, I’m happiest and can gladly be my PMS (psycho motivated self – the acronym my sister uses to describe my insane levels of motivation and energy).*


This is the fun part – I promise! Peruse Instagram, pinterest, youtube, tumblr for a catchy slogan or mantra. It should only be a few words (#takearisk #staywild #hustlehard #makeithappen #createtomorrow #believeitachieveit).

While I’ve been writing this article, and have broken down my goals, I’ve figured my own mantra out: #dailyadri. Well, it rhymes! It’s lame, but inspiring. PLUS it sums up all three of my goals – i.e. – I really need to take action daily if I want to actually achieve it!

*Note – today I am definitely not my PMS. I’ve had about 4 naps, haven’t ticked anything off my to-do list, and am generally feeling very average. So, there’s also that.