3 ways to help build your graduate prospects whilst at Uni

With the job market becoming increasingly saturated with university graduates, what can you start doing now to help get your shoe in that door? Consider these three ways

1. LinkedIn

If you haven’t heard of LinkedIn already, think of it like an old person’s Facebook but for finding a job. Like most social media, it allows you to set up a free profile. However, LinkedIn structures your profile like a job resume. Similar to Facebook friend requests, you can ask to join someone’s network. You’ll be able to message them in a professional capacity to seek employment opportunities while employers may even reach out to you.

2. Societies

The number of job opportunities that arise from joining a university society are far and inbetween. Dedicate yourself to one and you’ll find yourself connecting with people of like minds and remember; people ALWAYS enjoy helping others. You’ll find tutoring gigs, administrative jobs and potential internships are just some of the many opportunities other experienced people would be willing offer if you’re willing to ask and contribute to a university society

3. Volunteering

Charitable initiatives and non-government organisations aren’t able to run without an incredible team of people behind them. If social justice is your thing, sign yourself up to your favourite one and start by volunteering. By doing so, you start expanding your network in an area of interest and immersing yourself amongst other experienced professionals. Some organisations even advertise job positions on their websites and your volunteering experience will undoubtedly put you in good stead.

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