3 routines that get me by

Routines can either be, a) motivating, b) inspiring, c) really boring or d) simply bring some happiness into your days.

When I think of the routines I love, they’re not the ones that make me work super efficiently (e.g., make a weekly list on a Sunday night) or be uber productive (e.g., organise my inbox first thing in the morning*), they’re simply the little daily/weekly activities that bring a smile to my face.

1. Yoga on a Saturday followed by flowers from the market

I do this every Saturday with my housemate. We alternate who buys the flowers for our apartment. We go to the same class with the same teacher and go to the same markets. This is a simple activity but it’s a great gal pal activity; we get to catch up before and after class, do a class together and we have fresh flowers for the week (which also makes us really happy).

2. Early morning coffee + study/writing/reading

If I could do this every day I would. I absolutely love waking up early (e.g., 6am), making myself a coffee and either finishing off some work, studying for an exam or on a really good day; read the paper! It is so quiet and peaceful at that time and the world hasn’t yet bombarded you with thoughts and things to do. Back in the good ol’ Uni days, I’d:

  • Wake up at 6am and make my coffee
  • Study till 8am and then make my breakfast (yes food motivation is a thing) 
  • Study through till 10am and then go do some exercise

You feel like you’ve achieved so much before the day has even started. And that’s a great and calming way to start your day.

3. Talking + walking on a Thursday

On Thursday I call my mum and go for a walk. It’s so simple but I love being able to put my headphones in and give her my undivided attention for an hour. It’s super nice walking to a park and just being outside in the fresh air while also talking to someone I really care about. Walking and talking is a great way to catch up on someone else’s life while also doing some light exercise. (Ticking two things off your list right?!)

*Note: I don’t actually organise my inbox. I just reply and move on. I’m not really a category kind of girl. My friends hate the fact that I have like 1000 unread (junk) emails flashing on the app on my phone, whereas I couldn’t really care less.

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