Join us for our Industry Day In the Life: this time, we’re chatting to Nikolina, a Radio Presenter on the The Edge 96ONE. Let us know whose day in the life you want to know about, and ASK ENID. 

Let me introduce myself… Nikolina Koevska, Radio Presenter on The Edge 96ONE. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communication).

My job in a nutshell… My job is to literally talk. Talk and talk and talk and talk till I get sick of myself really. Lucky I’m a naturally talkative person or else this wouldn’t have worked out as good as it has. As well as hosting a daily music program from 2pm-6pm I am also a producer of the breakfast show on The Edge96ONE Mike E and Emma and co-host the iHeartRadio Countdown on the weekend. As you can see I like to keep busy!

Skills you’ll need… As an on-air radio announcer I have to be across everything from new music as it drops to literally keeping up with the Kardashians! It’s my job to keep people in the know and entertained with not only a banging playlist, though with all that’s happening in this crazy world of ours. This means have always be ‘with it’. Social media is a big part of my job, not only for the station though for my personal profile as well. My radio job is a building platform for my own profile and social media is a major part of that. On top of being across everything radio is demanding and keeps you on your feet. Whether it’s a last minute interview with Justice Crew with only 5 minutes to prepare (true story) or the station just has a dummy spit and the system crashes you need to always be on your feet. This means being across all systems, knowing how to prepare in pressure situations and thinking on the spot. Creativity is a major part of my job and a major part of my on-air personality. I have to be interesting, different and always think outside the box when it comes to content. You have to make people want to listen to you… or else they just skip to the station with music on (I can even admit I do that).

Nikolina: you might hear her voice blasting out of your radio speakers!

How I got there… I’m probably the luckiest person alive. I got my job by taking out a national competition on The Edge 96ONE. The station was on the lookout for a new announcer and after submitting a 20 second video about why I should be picked and getting through 3 weeks of on-air challenges, I ended up taking it out and it was my big break! After a year and a half in this role now I can know from the people around me that a job in radio could actually be one of the toughest gigs to score, though the good thing is that there are heaps of ways to do it! Many people study radio/some form of media at university/collages to get their qualifications. They pick up opportunities at smaller stations interstate and in rural cities to gain experience that can lead to an opportunity as a major commercial station. Another way to get into the industry is by volunteering for community radio stations around your city. It’s all about experience and profile. Building a profile online is a key way you can be noticed. Starting your own podcast online is free and a clear example of your work. Change the style of your resume. Building a social media following is a major bonus in this industry, because no one really cares where you did year 10 work experience anymore. Try becoming a voice over artists to build your speaking skills. Be across music, entertainment, news and everything else that is going on. You need to be ready as soon as an opportunity presents itself to pounce on it.

This job is for you if…

  • You don’t mind hanging out and listening to yourself a lot, not in a crazy person kind of way.
  • You won’t lose your s**t if you hear one more Kardashian update.
  • You are a people person. You meet a million people a day and networking is key!

Avoid this job if…

  • You can’t handle rejection/haters.
  • You don’t like giving all styles of music a chance.
  • You aren’t willing to spruce yourself up everyday. You never know when Jason Derulo will be in the studio and you’ve decided to go for the ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look (true story).

Tips and advice… Radio is an exciting, fast-paced, kick-ass industry! You work with a bunch of amazing creative people and you are pretty much paid to be yourself everyday. If you are looking into delving into radio then put your seatbelt on for one crazy ride. Radio is volatile so you always need to be proactive in building your skills base and always be 5 steps ahead of yourself in thinking about what your next career step is. Take ahold of all the opportunities that present themselves to you and if there aren’t any then make your own. Stand out in a sea of loud and bright personalities!

Listen to Nikolina on your radio on the Edge 96ONE or read her blog here.